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B-Boy Training Seminar with wZw

Press Release:

US Indy star B-Boy is making his UK debut on the ICW Hostile Intent Show on April 24th, how ever as part of B-Boys weekend here in the UK he has agreed to run a 4 hour seminar at the wZw Training Centre in Newcastle Upon Tyne on Sunday 25th April.

B-Boy is becoming one of the hottest properties within the Indies in the US and a firm favourite with CZW fans. B-Boy is also an established UPW wrestler in the states working along side Rey Mysterio & Chavo Guererro.

Places for the seminar are limited and are guaranteed to sell out pretty quick, for an amazing chance to train with what many are calling the next big Cruiser-Weight of the Indies, you need to email, expressing interest and then in the next couple of days a full press release will be sent out to all websites and to those who emailed.

The cost of the seminar is an astounding £16.00 per person, that’s to train or to view. If you want a Polaroid with B-Boy that will cost £5.00.

B-Boy will be taking 4 Hours of the training and the wZw trainers will be taking 3 hours worth of training too, so that’s 7 hours of training for £16.00 only.

The wZw training centre has two rings, large matted area, speciality crash mats, separate dining area, video and mic work capabilities.

If your interested in signing up for this amazing seminar then email or check out the wZw – Nu Breed Academy Website at