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Konami Announces Wrestling Game Plans

Konami was promoting its new card-trading wrestling game Battle Climaxx! The player can select a wrestler and what wrestling skills to use by passing trading cards over a sensor on the table-style arcade cabinet, which comes with a bench that allows two players to sit side by side. After each player selects moves for his or her turn, cel-shaded 3D wrestlers will battle it out. Like real wrestling, the objective of the game is to defeat the opponent’s wrestler by pinning him or her for a count of three or by making him or her give up by using a submission hold. The skill cards used for attacking vary in strength. Ranked one through three, the cards have a relationship that’s similar to rock-paper-scissors. Level 3 attacks are stronger than Level 2 attacks; Level 2 attacks are stronger than Level 1 attacks; and Level 1 attacks are stronger than Level 3 attacks.

Battle Climaxx! has more than 270 skill cards and 121 wrestler cards, which feature real professional wrestlers. The player starts off by challenging with a starter deck, and a new card is then dispensed from the game cabinet after each play. Since the game takes advantage of Konami’s “e-Amusement” network system, players can also chose to battle one another online from different arcades across Japan. Battle Climaxx! is scheduled for release in May.