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wZw – Breakout Tour Results

Friday 27th – Loreburn Hall, Dumfries

Attendance: 1009

  • Alex Shane bt GTS

  • Burchill & Enigma bt Nattrass Boys

  • Carbon bt Stevie Lynn (Tables Match)

  • Aviv Mayen bt “Spitfire” Tony Warrior to become new Interpromotional Title holder (best out of 5 falls)

  • James Tighe bt Mark Sloan

  • Full Pack bt Commonwealth Connection (Hardcore Rules match)

  • Jake Roberts bt Iceman

Saturday 28th (afternoon) Lakes Court Hotel, Carlisle

Attendance: 347

  • Alex Shane bt Enigma

  • Iceman bt “Spitfire” Tony Warrior

  • Stevie Lynn bt Carbon

  • Full Pack bt GTS (Handicap match)

  • “Flying” Phil Powers bt Jake Roberts

  • Mark Sloan & Aviv Mayen bt Burchill & James Tighe

  • Nattrass Boys bt Commonwealth Connection (Elimination Tables match)

Saturday 28th (evening) Lakes Court Hotel, Carlisle

Attendance: 420 (Full House)

  • Natrass Boys & Stevie Lynn bt Alex Shane, “Spitfire” Tony Warrior & Carbon

  • Commonwealth Connection bt Full Pack

  • GTS bt Mark Sloan

  • James Tighe bt Aviv Mayen to become New Inter-promotional title holder (TLC match)

  • Jake Roberts bt “Flying” Phil Powers

  • Iceman bt Burchill (Last Man standing match)

Sunday 29th The Victoria Hall, Annan

Attendance: 134 (max allowed 195)

  • Burchill bt Commonwealth Connection (Handicap match)

  • Iceman & Spitfire bt Natrass Boys

  • Jake Roberts bt “Flying” Phil Powers

  • Micky L bt Iain Robinson (TLC Grudge Match)

  • GTS & Carbon bt Stevie Lynn (Hardcore Handicap match)

  • Mark Sloan bt Aviv Mayen & James Tighe to become new Inter-promotional title holder (3-way dance)

  • Stevie Lynn won an invitational Battle Royal