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wZw Nu Breed Destruction Derby report – 7th March 2004

Press Release:

Another full house at the Ray Gray Centre in Newcastle, housed the latest wZw Nu Breed Show. No where in the UK do you get the sort of show we offer for under £10, let alone for FREE!! But wZw proved once again why they are the greatest promotion in the North of England. 6 Amazing matches, with one of the greatest Table matches I have ever witnessed. The wZw Nu Breed Academy Trainees mixed it up big time with the wZw pro’s and rocked Daisy Hill. Results are as follows and pictures will follow soon….

Opening match up was the “Destruction Derby” Match, where all the junior trainees had the chance to meet John Britain and Tim Strange in a 3 way for the wZw Nu Breed Title.

All the trainees had to circle the ring and await the sound of the bell, pretty similar to a demolition derby (Using cars), then when the bell sounds they all have to get into the ring and throw each other over the top rope, winner is the last man in the ring.

The match was a great opener, giving the younger lads a chance to experience a match in the ring infront of a crowd. After about 10 minutes AJ Anderson and the muscle bound kick box champion Robbie Rage were left in the ring. Robbie was side-stepped and he went tumbling out of the ring. Aj Anderson has the chance to face offer the Nu Breed Title…

Next General Trent Steel came out to make his big announcement, that he was to retire. Trying to gain sympathy from the crowd and explaining how with his recent lack of wins, what was the point? Domino (Fresh back from OVW in the US) appeared ring side and asked GTS to work a tag match with him, after all Domino is the wZw Heavy Weight Champion is no looser. After the crowd cheered for GTS, he agreed to do the match just for the fans.

The first proper match was a grudge match from the previous show, Iceman Vs Spitfire in a straight wrestling match with a ten minute time limit, Public Warnings and NO HARDCORE!, The match was hard hitting and both men took some real punishment, the time limit expired and the match was deemed a draw. In true sportsmen like fashion they shook hands.

Iceman pulled me aside backstage and says he has an announcement to make to the internet very soon!!

Next was the main event for the first half was next and what a match this was. GTS and Domino came out first to a massive crowd pop, always the fan favourites, their opponents for this match were the 7foot giant from Belfast TRON and his ever so smaller tag team partner Ritchie Saint. Domino and GTS never really got a grip on the match, but faced with Tron, no one can effectively take out the big man. Massive hard hitting slams and a sidewalk slam that nearly killed GTS. Domino in the ring also being beaten down by Tron went to make a tag and GTS refused the tag and whacked Domino, Domino turned round and walked straight into the mighty Tron Bomb, Tron got the pin. Domino was then beaten up in the ring by GTS, Tron & Ritchie. Questions will need to be asked and what will the future hold for GTS..

After a 15 minute interval, we were straight back into the action with what had to be the greatest table match I have ever witnessed in the UK. 6 man tag team, best out 3 tables match. First to the ring Micky L & Iain Robinson (Full Pack) & Stevie Lynn Vs Carbon, Juvenile & Livewire. A run down of the match is as follows.

Match Review

Livewire and Micky L started the crazy table match with some textbook wrestling, Micky L got the better of the brawl after a top rope dropkick sending Livewire out the ring. Livewire’s tag partners for the night, Carbon and Juvenile, went to help on the outside before being crused with a triple plancha from Micky L, Iain Robinson and Stevie Lynn. While Fullpac and Stevie triple teamed Livewire in the ring, Juvenile and Carbon recouperated and returned to the apron.

Stevie Lynn was still legal man when he began to beat down the already exausted Livewire, however, Livewire was able to take the advantage after countering Stevie. After a swift beat down of his own, he tagged in Juvenile who decided to beast Stevie with some stiff kicks to the spine. After some quick tags between Juvenile and Carbon, Livewire became the legal man again and set a table up in the corner. Livewire attempted to suplex Lynn through the table but Stevie countered and hit his trademark credenza through, making the score Fullpac 1 – 0 Juvenile.

Both men down, the hot tag was made and Fullpac, Juvenile and Carbon invaded the ring, Fullpac gained advantage and beat down Juvenile and Carbon. Xpress Verticals Juvenile onto Micky L who then Styles Clash’s Juvenile onto Carbon. Carbon then uses an innovative spinny DDT Move on Micky L, Stevie then floors Carbon with a move, Livewire is up, Yiger Bomb on Lynn, Iain Robinson uses the X Cruser on Livewire, Juvenile Spears Xpress, Micky L then Blue Thunder Driver’s Juvenile to end the spotfest.

After all 6 men had been layed out on the canvas Micky L picked up Juvenile and Stevie picked Up Livewire, each person began to forearm the other before they all toppled over the top rope with clotheslines. Outside, the war waged on as Juvenile took a Yakuza kick right in the jaw which sent him straight to the floor. Inside, Carbon had just put the Northern Xpress through a table with an innovative, F5 into a rock bottom. , Making the score now Fullpac 1 – 1 Juvenile.

Fullpac relised this and began to beat down carbon before hitting a dream sequence with all 3 members included. Once Juvenile was up, he began to climb the ropes before being stopped by Micky L, he then got Juvenile on his shoulders and Running Death Valley Drivered Juvenile off the apron through a table on the outside with Juvenile landing on his head making the score finally Fullpac 2 – 1 Juvenile. To finish the match off at a high, Xpress climbed to the top with carbon and hit an amazing Full-Pac-Fly which sent the fans into a frenzy…

Juvenile was carried back by security while Fullpac and Stevie lynn danced in the ring.

The following contest was a tag team match between the Nattrass Boys and Big Ben Stone & Mojo. The Nattrass Boys are known for the strong style of wrestling they use in the match and they took it to the extreme. This had to be one of the hardest hitting matches seen in the he Nu Breed ring. The match finished when J Nattrass was power-bombed outside the ring through two steel chairs, crushing them into a pulp. As this was happening XL got the pin in the ring and the Nattrass Boys winning streak continued.

The main event of the show was a foot, a 3 way Tim Strange “The Canadian Crippler” Vs John Britain Vs AJ Anderson. As wZw fans will know John and Tim are a tag team called the Commonwealth Connection and decided that from early on they should work as a team and take AJ out of the picture early on. Things did not go as planned though, AJ being smaller avoided double team moves and this often resulted in Tim and John hitting each other. The finish was pretty amazing, John rolled out of the ring and went under the ring, while Tim was beating up on AJ, John re-appeared and Tim held AJ. John then threw a powder aiming for AJ, he ducked and the powder blinded Tim, Tim not knowing where he was picked up John and Kill Switched him into the mat. Quick thinking AJ hit a spinbuster on Tim and gained the pinfall. AJ Anderson the new wZw Nu Breed Champion…

Overall the show was a massive success all 200 fans enjoyed it, nice to see lads from a rival promotion come lend their support too.

We at wZw believe in putting the best into every show we do, if it be a free show or a paid ticket one. You are guaranteed to get 100% satisfaction. wZw are the only promotion in the North to have two rings, our own amazing lighting and sound set up and soon a full sized steel cage and own video screens. The future in wrestling is with wZw and the Nu Breed Academy. If you have seen other promotions and liked or loathed, then come check out the wZw FREE shows and we will guarantee you love it and will see what we call entertainment.

Gary Graham (Commissioner)

Photo’s will be available online very soon!