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***Raw Report – Monday 8th March 2004***

A casket is in center ring with fog and dark lighting. Gregorian chanting fills the arena.

Show open.

Live Back to the casket in the ring, Kane is in back watching on a monitor. Fire and brimstone blasts and Kane makes his way to the ring slowly. He finally charges the ring but the chanting begins again. He tips over the casket and sees an urn inside. He puts the urn aside then dumps the casket outside the ring. He takes the mic. “An urn? An urn. This is what you send me Undertaker?” He talks about the weeks of messages from beyond. He asks if this is what he has to look forward to, empty promises. He tosses the urn outside the ring. It’s going to take more than this to beat him. The Undertaker’s undefeated streak at Wrestlemania is about to come to an end. He says it’s back to the grave for good this time. It’s over. He is not afraid. The lights go dark, the bell tolls and thunder rolls. The ring begins to levitate. A message on the TitanTron says, “This Sunday, it all begins again. Rest in Peace.” The ring begins to tilt and shake.

Commercial break.

WWE Slam of the Week is The Rock’s re-emergence last week on Raw.

Later tonight, This is Your Life Mick Foley.

La Resistance, Jindrak & Cade vs. RVD, Booker T & The Dudleys
Conway and Bubba. Headlocks from Conway and a clothesline from Bubba. Dupree in and takes a hiptoss and neckbreaker. RVD in and a Rolling Thunder. RVD reverse mule kick and shoulder blocks in the corner but misses the charge. Cade in and works on RVD’s arm and shoulder. Jindrak tags in and clamps on an armbar. RVD with a kick to Jindrak’s temple, but Jindrak cuts off the tag and goes back to the armbar. RVD gets a spin kick in and tags in Booker T who comes in with a flying lariat for Jindrak and a backdrop on Cade. Bookend on Jindrak for two. All are in…and outside the ring brawling. Booker and Jindrak. Booker is about to hit the scissors kicks but is elbowed on the apron by DuPree. Jindrak with a clothesline gets the pin.
WINNERS: La Resistance, Jindrak & Cade
The winners get into a shoving match on the ramp over who won the match.

Jericho is in the back talking to Trish on his cell phone. nothing is going to stop him from beating the living hell out of Christian. Christian comes around the corner behind him and attacks. He picks up the cell phone and tells Trish he left her boyfriend in the same position he used to leave her in: flat and on her back.

Commercial break.

We see during the break how Christian ran off after his attack on Jericho.

A pizza is delivered to the King. It’s a Wrestlemania pizza.

Recap of the finish to the 8-Man Tag. Todd Grisham makes his debut, asking if Booker being pinned could be an omen for losing the belts. Booker says nothing will stop him and RVD.

A look back at The Rock, This is Your Life in 1999.

Commercial break.

The Rock is in the back, excited about his segment tonight until he runs into…The Hurricane and Rosey. Rock puts over again how Hurricane beat him last time they met. Hurricane and Rosey congratulate him on “Walking Tall.” Hurc welcomes him back, and Rock calls them Hamburglar and Grimace. Hurc says Rock reminds of someone, someone else with short hair, a goatee and…Rock turns to see Coach standing behind him. Coach says he’s glad to see The Rock and his “coach” look. Rock mimics and mocks him. He explains why he is there tonight. The Rock then mocks Coach kissing Bischoff’s butt with different types of kisses. Rock turns back to Hurricane and Rosey and wishes them luck in their match with Evolution.

Commercial break.

Evolution vs. Hurricane & Rosey
Hurricane and Flair start off. Flair with punches in the corner. Hurricane with a backdrop. Flair counters with a belly to back suplex. Orton in and he works over Hurricane’s leg before tagging in Batista. Big shoulder blocks in the corner and a hiptoss. Batista shoves Rosey off the apron. Powerbomb on Hurricane for the win.
WINNERS: Evolution
Post-match, Evolution continues their beating on Hurricane and Rosey. Orton then calls out Foley and Rock. He calls their comebacks pathetic and embarrassing. They used to be the biggest names in the business, but now Evolution is. Life changes. It’s just Evolution and there’s no stopping it.

Commercial break.

A look back at last week’s match between Michaels & Benoit vs. Evolution.

Chris Benoit vs. Matt Hardy
SmackDown is Raw! Benoit with a punch and belly to back suplex. Back breaker. Snap suplex. Hardy rolls out and Benoit follows. Hardy rolls back in and catches Benoit with punches. Chokeslam and more punches. Clothesline into the corner. Hardy goes for the bulldog but Benoit gets the triple German suplex. Crippler crossface and Hardy taps!
WINNER: Chris Benoit
JR goes down to the ring to interview Benoit.

Commercial break.

JR is in the ring with Benoit. He says all Benoit’s dreams could come true this Sunday. He asks what is going through Benoit’s head. Benoit says it’s cut and dry. 18 years, his career, his sacrifices will all be defined Sunday. Shawn Michaels’ music is on and he’s in the ring. Michaels says no one respects Benoit’s accomplishments more than him. He knows it’s Benoit’s dream, but for Michaels’, it’s the ending of a 10-year grudge with HHH. The only way he can do that is by walking out with the belt. Benoit says it isn’t about grudges. they agree to disagree about who’s going to walk out with the belt. they both feel strongly and passionately that HHH will NOT be the one with the belt. Michaels says “good luck” and offers his hand. Benoit takes it and they face off. HHH comes out on the stage. He’s so happy for the two of them that they can come out and agree on things, shake hands and be buddies. He agrees with anyone who feels this is all a bunch of crap, defending against two men in one night and that one of them will walk out with his belt. They fail to realize he’s the guy who always overcomes the odds. He will take any opportunity and twist and manipulate it until it becomes his advantage. He calls himself the best there is. He has beaten them all. He’s always found a way to have an edge. And this Sunday, it will be their egos. this Sunday, their egos will be all the edge he needs.

Commercial break.

Mick Foley is walking through the back. Spike Dudley is there and Mick stops by to talk about tonight’s festivities.

Lita vs. Molly Holly
Molly attacks before the bell. Two hairmares. Back breaker on Lita. Rear chinlock. Lita with a headscissors off the ropes and punches Molly. Clothesline in the corner. Lita hits the Twist of Fate for two. Molly comes back with a roll-up and uses the ropes for the pin. WINNER: Molly Holly
Molly attacks Lita after the bell. Victoria runs in and throws Molly out.

A video recap of Stone Cold charging Vince McMahon last week with the four-wheeler.

Commercial break.

Video of Brock Lesnar from SmackDown and No Way Out recaps his feud with Goldberg.

Glass breaks and Stone Cold comes to the ring sans four-wheeler. He motions for a few beers and takes them plus the mic. He asks the crowd to give him a “hell, yeah!” if they’re ready for Wrestlemania XX. He talks about how Goldberg gave him the spear and Lesnar gave him the F5, so he doesn’t give a damn about wither one. If wither one gets out of line, he’ll give them a knuckle sandwich. He’s fine with Lesnar stealing his four-wheeler because he’s going to Atlantic City to gamble and then go to SmackDown to collect his four-wheeler. He dares anyone on SmackDown to stop him, or the Raw locker room for that matter. More beers and he’s out.

Commercial break.

WWE Rewind is Christian attacking Trish Stratus during their match.

Chris Jericho vs. Steven Richards
Jericho attacks Richards before the bell. Punches and chops. Richards throws Jericho into the ringpost shoulder first twice. Armbar on Jericho. Jericho with an armdrag then a spin kick. Jericho drop toeholds Richards on the ropes. Enzugiri and a bulldog. Lionsault misses. Jericho with a roll-up which goes into the Walls. Trish’s music plays and Christian comes out. Richards with a small package and the pin.
WINNER: Steven Richards
Jericho attacks Richards outside the ring, throwing him into the railing and steps.

WWE Hall of Fame Video airs with each inductee featured.

Commercial break.

Stacy and Jackie are in the back trash-talking Sable and Torrie. Johnny Spade comes in and hands them his card. They walk off and the camera shows Bischoff watching with approval.

JR and King run down the Raw side of the card for Wrestlemania XX. Michael Cole and Tazz are in the studio and put over the SmackDown portion of the show.

The Rock is prepping to go out and gives the eyebrow to the camera. He’s next!

Commercial break.

The Rock comes down to the ring. The crowd chants for him. He takes the mic and the red carpet is out.

The Rock has never said this in 7 years, but The Rock has come back to Bridgeport. Evolution has taken away so much from Mick Foley, but tonight, they’re going to give Foley his “smile” back. Foley is out and the crowd picks up the chant.

The Rock says they will “whoop” Evolution’s candy asses at Wrestlemania, but tonight, this is Mick Foley’s life. Confetti falls from the rafters. The Rock has love for him. the crowd has love for him. the Rock wants him to takes a walk down memory lane. Video of Foley as a teenager jumping from his roof ala Jimmy Snuka. Rock asks what is wrong with him, jumping off the roof. Rock introduces the woman who owns the house Foley jumped off of, Ms. Doris Snider. Rock helps her in. She hugs Foley. Foley mentions going to her house for “mouth-watering pie.” Rock is shocked and questions him. He asks her if she’s still serving pie. She’s says not from the front door, but from the back door. He calls her a sick freak and sends her to the corner.

Rocks recalls Foley hitchhiking to Madison Square Garden in 1983 for Jimmy Snuka vs. Don Muraco. Rock says that match inspired Foley and introduces Snuka. Snuka salutes the crowd from the ramp and goes to the ring. Snuka hugs Foley and Rock. The crowd chants for him. Foley says if it weren’t for Snuka, he wouldn’t be in the ring today. He asks if Snuka will be in the Garden for their match with Evolution. Snuka agrees. Rock gives him a little crap for his promos. Ms. Snider saunters up to Snuka. Snuka says he “loves pie.” Rock tells them to get a room at the Holiday Inn. He escorts them both out.

Rock reminds the crowd of Foley’s first book. He brings out the first reviewer of the publication, Bob Thompson. Foley cuts him off. He says the review stated he was sophomoric and boring and that wrestling fans were idiots. Foley wants to give him the sock. Rock knows that. That’s the reason he brought him. The reviewer represents everyone and everything that told Foley “no” along the way. He brought him out to show Foley the critics have always been wrong. The reviewer cuts down Rock’s new movie, calling “Walking Tall” a walking piece of crap. The crowd chants for Rock. Rock stares at him. Foley pulls out the sock and puts it on. Rock introduces Thompson to Mr. Socko. Rock says this Sunday the Rock ‘n’ Sock Connection will run down Evolution. Out of nowhere, Batista hits the ring and clothesline rock out. Flair and Orton are in and all three beat down Foley. Rock fights back in and is about to take out Orton but is hot by Batista. The beat down continues. We go off the air.