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Wrestlers have little sympathy for Lesnar

– Brock Lesnar’s current ‘moaning’ about his lack of push after Wrestlemania and his discontent with the current travel schedule, has not impressed his fellow workers.

Lesnar was expected to be put in a program with the ‘Old School’ Undertaker after Wrestlemania, to help get the ‘new’ character over.

One wrestler was quoted as saying, “We all have pretty much the same travel schedule he does and we’re not whining about it and we’d all like a better push.”

Another worker was quoted as saying, “It’s pretty hard to feel sorry for somebody who is in the spot he’s in and who is making the money he’s making. He knew what he was getting into when he came here, and now he can’t take the pressure. Too bad. Poor Brock.”

Lesnar is expected to take time off from wrestling after the ‘Wrestlemania Revenge’ tour in the UK, if not before.