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Future-Shock #9

WrestleMania XX will be the subject this weeks’ Future- Shock, along with my final notes going into NCW this Saturday…

WrestleMania XX will be the subject this weeks’ Future- Shock, along with my final notes going into NCW.

WrestleMania XX

WrestleMania unlike any other wrestling event in history has become the defining end of year show for sports entertainment. Much like the school year is rung out with the end of term bell, and the financial year stops with the filing of the taxes – WrestleMania, and the main event climax, rings out another year of wrestling, only to begin once again the following night on WWE RAW.

Sharing memories as a fan turned wrestler, I can remember the late Gorilla Monsoon making a comment days before WrestleMania X to the effect of “I have been to all ten WrestleMania’s and cant wait for 10 more.” I was thrilled to meet Gorilla in Chicago during WrestleMania 13 weekend, but sadly WM 14 would be his last.

For me the greatest WrestleMania match ever was Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Bret Hard, not least because I was so close, Austin’s blood stained my trousers! Now that’s what you call being close to the action! But seriously, that match was a classic, and I hope this year provides us up-and -coming wrestlers with more inspirational material such as that contest

Although Gorilla looked forward to 10 more WrestleMania’s back in 1995, one had to wonder if the WWF (now WWE) would make it to number 20. So whilst Gorilla looks from the skies, he should be pleased to see that not only did WWE get to 20, but there’s a good chance we’ll see a few more big shows before the company grind to a halt.

WrestleMania is the event every wrestler wishes to compete in. Whilst a WrestleMania certainly eludes me as far as active competition goes, I can witness to you the excitement and atmosphere of the big show, and can agree that no other show is more important in our wrestling year. I’ve been there, I’ve watched from ringside, and I salute Vince McMahon for creating the “grand daddy of them all”. I like all of you look forward to watching, and then dissecting WrestleMania XX because where ever you live, whatever your connection to wrestling maybe, WrestleMania will have an effect on you. Lets hope it’s a positive one.


Talking of “the big show”, arguably the biggest show on the UK calendar so far is NCW’s debut in Reading on March 13th. We certainly hope for a home run on Saturday as it will be a shot in the arm of UK wrestling and a much needed credibility boost for future shows.

The show features US talent such as Shane Douglas, and many names from the best the UK has to offer. On my return next week from Reading I’ll have the scoop on how it all went down so please come back for that. The full card is listed at

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