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HUGE NEWS: Brock Lesnar leaving WWE

–  Brock Lesnar announced yesterday that his last date for WWE would be at WrestleMania. 

Lesnar announced to the Smackdown crew yesterday that he was leaving WWE after Wrestlmania to pursue a career in the NFL.

Lesnar told McMahon of his decision on Tuesday. He was apparently burned out by WWE’s travel schedule and annoyed at his booking.

Lesnar was also upset that he was to feud and put over The Undertaker.

Lesnar informed everyone that he was very unhappy in the business.

He publicly thanked Vince McMahon, Jim Ross and Gerry Brisco “for finding me in college,” and thanked Big Show and Paul Heyman for all their help with his career. He told the crew he wouldn’t be back and he was said to be very emotional and wished everyone well.

There has been mixed reaction in the Smackdown locker room. Some workers feel that it will open slots for more lower card talent and others, who had been critical of Lesnar’s behavior said they could now understand it may have been because he was unhappy.

WWE is now losing one of their top guys.