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Orton/Foley; WWE to expand PPVs?

– On the 23rd February Raw, Mick Foley did not wear any make-up during his sit down interview with Jim Ross. Foley had asked Randy Orton to legitimately bust up his eye on the 16th February Raw, even though Orton had no experience of doing anything like that. Orton slightly injured his hand also.

– Jim Ross’ sitdown interview with Mick Foley was originally conducted a few days before Raw by Jonathon Coachman. However, Vince McMahon hated it and recalled Foley in a day later, to redo the interview with Ross.

–  WWE has tentatively scheduled 2 PPVs for June this year. A Raw only PPV on the 13th June (Bad Blood) in Louisville, Kentcuky and a Smackdown only PPV two weeks later on the 27th June in Norfolk, Virginia. The first PPV is, of course, confirmed. However, the second one has not been released by the WWE in their regular statement to Major cable companies. If all goes well, WWE may well have another ‘Two PPV month’ later this year and they eventually hope to expand to 20 PPVs a year.