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UKPW full card for March 19th

Press Release:

UKPW at Unity Hall in Walthamstow, London – Friday March 19th 2004

United Kingdom Pro Wrestling will make it’s London debut on Friday 19th March 2004 at Unity Hall in Walthamstow (E17).


4 Man Tournament:

First Round – Stevie James vs Ross Jordan

First Round – Rich ‘N’ Famous vs Andrew Coyne

Both ‘Wrestling’s Cool Kid’ Stevie James and ‘The Gift’ Ross Jordan will wrestle their first singles match for UKPW and would both like to add a Tournament victory to the record books. Jordan comes into his First Round match with a slight advantage in experience as well as an impressive win/loss record whilst James is looking for that one decisive victory that could elevate him to the next level. They met in tag action at UKPW’s debut event last December in which Stevie teamed with Andrew Coyne to battle ‘The Gift’ and his partner Stixx. Jordan pinned James in that match and plans to do the same at Unity Hall in Walthamstow. With the added threat of Stixx being at ringside, we could very well see the aspirations of ‘Wrestling’s Cool Kid’ being put on ice. To reach the Final of UKPW’s most recent tournament, Rich ‘N’ Famous had to overcame ‘The Silent Riot’ Corey Davis. In a remarkable display of courage, Famous braved an all-out assault on his leg and surprised Davis with a chartbuster to gain the win. His triumph was soon tainted when Davis struck with a series of brutal chair shots to his already weakened knee. The attack may have been a deciding factor in his Tournament Final loss to Chris Wyld and Rich ‘N’ Famous has not forgotten. Despite wanting his revenge against ‘The Silent Riot’, Rich will have to concentrate on his first round match with ‘The European Icon’ Andrew Coyne, a man who was heavily tipped to win that very Tournament but was unable to make the event. Always with a game plan, Coyne will likely attempt to exploit any weaknesses his opponent may have. Should Rich ‘N’ Famous not be fully focused on ‘The European Icon’, he may blow his chance to redeem himself and Andrew Coyne would reign supreme.

Green Machine vs Chris Wyld & Romeo Kid

The Green Machine, Anton Green and Marcus Hiscott, were victorious during their tag team debut in January. On that night, they defeated Stevie James and Romeo Kid. Eager to prove that he is UKPW’s most dominant Superstar, Chris Wyld has elected to team with Romeo and show that his presence can make all the difference. His long running dispute with Green was likely a big factor in Wyld requesting this match but he has also stated that Romeo Kid has a lot of potential and that he plans to “mould him in my image”. Romeo has yet to comment on Wyld’s statement but he has accepted the match and these two teams will clash on March 19th.

10 Man Rumble:

This match will feature all competitors from the previous matches as well as two additional participants. Previous Rumble winners Corey Davis and Eamon O’Neil are not entered in this match so it’s anyone’s guess as to who will gain that accolade this time. The unpredictable nature of the Rumble means that we could see a battle between members of The Green Machine, a revival of the earlier Tournament matches as well as many more interesting possibilities.

Main Event:

Ethan Hayze vs Corey Davis vs Stixx

Three top Superstars, one ring, one fall to a finish. All three men will battle in the ring at the same time with the first man to score a fall being declared the winner. Ethan Hayze and Stixx clashed in tag action recently and still have scores to settle whilst Corey Davis will be looking to claim two significant scalps in one night. The winner of a Rumble at UKPW’s debut event, Davis has set himself a hit list. Top of that list is Rich ‘N’ Famous but Ethan Hayze has become another target of ‘The Silent Riot’. Hayze is undefeated thus far in UKPW and whilst a victory over him would be a boost, inflicting serious injury upon him would really add to Davis’ noteriety in a major way. Stixx no doubt has a similar goal and is not likely to sit back and let Davis take all the glory. The combustible elements are all in place and Ethan Hayze will definately have to turn up ‘The Heat’ to survive this one.


The action will be taking place at:

Unity Hall

Bramley Close

off Higham Hill Road,


London. E17

Tickets are available on the door or can be ordered online at

Ticket prices:

Adult – £7.00
Children/OAP – £6.00
Ringside – £9.00