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Jim Ross Interview

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Jim Ross discussed Brock Lesnar, this weekend’s 20th Wrestlemania, Steve Austin’s current health situation and a whole lot more, on The Wrestling Guys Radio Show last night. The Wrestling Guys can be heard on 910 WPFB in Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio at 6 p.m. every Wednesday. You can listen to the interview at the redesigned (, as well as past interviews with Eric Bischoff and Bobby Heenan over the last month.

Jim Ross on Brock Lesnar

“He’s a great kid. i have a lot of respect for Brock. I like him. He grew up on a farm in South Dakota and I grew up on a farm in Oklahoma. I followed him in college. Jerry Brisco and I recruited him. Jerry Brisco primarily recruited him. Brock’s coach (his wrestling coach at the University of Minnesota), Jay Robertson, was a college wresting teammate with Brisco at Oklahoma State. We got Sheldon Benjamin and Brock off that team. We have a lot things to say about Brock. He’s a good kid, very athletic and has a lot of opportunities in this world for him. Whatever decisions are made will be finalized after Wrestlemania, that’s our focus.

On recent media coverage of Brock Lesnar

“Somethings I’ve read on the internet are somewhat accurate. A lot of things you read, its someone getting someone’s opinion over the telephone, because the internet fellas aren’t normally behind the scenes. They aren’t reporters who are asking questions and don’t have access to people on an official basis. You can’t beleive everything you read. We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. I can tell you this, Brock Lesnar is highly regarded in our office and probably the most highly regarded athlete we’ve picked up in the talent department.”

On Lesnar’s match at Wrestlemania

“He’ll be at his best on sunday. Goldberg will be challenged to match him athletically in that match, and I know that’s something Bill will do.”

On Steve Austin’s rise in physical involvment on television:

“I think what you’re seeing is Steve continuing to feel better. His quality of life and level of health is improving. I would not say that Austin will not wrestle a match again. I don’t think that would be accurate or honest. With that said, we dont have any matches for Steve on the drawing board, or anything on for Wrestlemania 21, or “he’ll at return Summerslam,” or “we’ll waite until we do Houston Astrodome again.” People will start booking this match when they hear it, it will take on different incarnations. He feels great, he is in excellent condition. His head is good, his fire is burning. He still, unfortunately, has some health limitations that will never go away. If his overall general health continues to improve, it might allow him to work a retirement match at an ideal circumstance and an ideal time of place.”

On Mick Foley and Rock being prepared for their match at Wrestlemania:

“From a pure wrestling match, Rock and Foley may be taxed if the match goes long, but it being a tag should help. With Rock, Foley and Flair in the same match, it can’t help but be good.”

On changing wrestling style:

“We’re trying to get back to a more fundamentally sound presentation in-ring presentation for our wrestlers. Doing acrobatic moves is very hollow. It doesn’t allow the fan to make a long term emotional investment in a match. The game of human chess, as Gordon Solie used to say, is still a factor in the basics of human nature… Its going to allow these young men and women to have a longer career and not deal with these horrific and nagging injuries.”