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WWE: Wrestlemania XX LIVE Results

Ok, we’re live for Wrestlemania XX. Keep refreshing for updates as often as possible throughout the night.

Show kicks off with the Harlem Choir Boys. I bet Rob Feinstein is in his element. The arena looks full. The stage set is different to how it normally is, and this time has a ramp.

Big Show v John Cena to open. Big Show comes off very dominant in the early going. Good way to book him. Looks tired though. Crowd is a little quiet, but pro-Cena. Cena hits the FU, but Show kicks out. Cena grabs the chains, but the ref took it away, as Cena used Brass knucks followed by another FU, and Cena picks up the victory. New US champion. Nothing special, but the right result.

Backstage, Eric Bischoff tells Coach to locate The Undertaker.

Randy Orton cuts a promo on Mick Foley. Long promo.

RAW Tag team title match is up next. Just to note, Howard Finkel is doing the ring announcing. Rules are that it’s the first pinfall wins. Not exactly a classic match. RVD cleans house, but D-von shoves him off the top rope. Dudleys attempt 3D on Booker to no avail. RVD gets the pin on Conway with the 5 Star. Surprised at the result. Short match, nothing special again. Picked up near the end, but too rushed.

Coach is on the search for Taker, and we find mean Gene Okerlund, Bobby heenan, Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young. One word to describe this.. NO!

Jericho v Christian is next. Good face heat for Jericho when they are awake. Crowd pretty quiet through most of this. Solid back and forth contest. Finally a match worthy of Wrestlemania. Jericho slipped off the top rope as he set up a superplex. Trish Stratus appears, slapping the apron, as Christian gets a nearfall. Christian pulls Trish into the ring, Trish “accidentally” elbows Jericho and Christian rolls him up for the win. After the match, Trish turns on Jericho and leaves with Christian.

The Rock is backstage with Foley. Very good promo. Jimmy Snuka and Don Muraco were shown. Their match is up next.

Rock and Sock Connection clean house. Old school stuff from Foley, dropping the elbow from the canvas onto Flair. Orton and Foley brawl. By far the most heated match so far. Hard brawl. Heels isolate Rocky. Rock bounces back with old school Flair stuff, including the throw from the top rope. Tag to Foley. A lot of old school spots coming out in this one, especially the Foley special (knee into the ring steps). Foley chant starts. Heels isolate Foley. Hot tag to Rocky. Rock cleans house, but is knocked down by Batista. Flair goes for the Peoples Elbow, but Rock gets up and hits Flair with the move. Powerbomb to Rock from Batista for the two count. Foley tags back in. DDT on Orton. Mr Socko arrives. Mandible claw on Orton, reversed into RKO for the win out of nowhere. Excellent match. Ovation for the faces. Rocky claps for Foley.

Hall of Fame segment. Mean Gene talks about the HOF. All the Hall of Fame inductees come out (well the ones that are still alive). Big John Studd’s son is there on his late fathers behalf. Pete Rose gets the expected jeers from the fans. Superstar Billy Graham gets a great response. Segment over. Nice segment, but killed the crowd a bit.

The Playboy Evening Gown match is next. As good as it sounds (crap, basically). Torrie pinned Miss Jackie to win.

Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero are backstage discussing their title matches.

Cruiserweight open is up now. Gauntlet rules. Two at a time, elimination style. Everyone at ringside. Chavo will face the final competitor left. Dragon v Moore start. Moore eliminated. Dragon v Noble. Noble won. Noble v Funaki. Noble won very quickly. Noble v Nunzio. Nunzio counted out. Noble v Kidman, Kidman won. Kidman v Rey, Rey eliminated his former partner. Rey v Tajiri, Rey wins. Rey v Chavo for the title. Chavo retains thanks to help from his father.

Goldberg v Lesnar next. Lots of “Na na na na” chants. Missed spear from Goldberg. “Goldberg sucks” chants. Talk about “expect the unexpected”. Goldberg kicks out of the F5. Goldie wins with the Jackhammer. A flop, on most levels. Another “goodbye” chant at Lesnar. Lesnar flips Austin off, and gets stunnered.

Goldberg and Austin share a beer, before Austin stuns Goldberg. Just like we thought.

Pyro goes off outside MSG. WMXXI will be from Los Angeles, at the Staples Center.

Vince McMahon comes to the ring. Thanks the fans, and leaves.

SD tag match up now. First pinfall wins again. Two hours to go. Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty retain. Rushed match (a common factor tonight).

Promo for Edge’s return aired.

JesseVentura talked to Donald Trump. No idea why. Molly v Victoria, next.

Barber set up on the ramp. Solid womens match. Victoria picks up the win, which means Molly has to shave. Molly runs away. Victoria chases and ends up in the chair herself. Molly goes to shave Victoria. Talk about a screw job. WAIT… reversal, Molly now in the chair. Victoria shaves away. Poor Molly.

Eddie v Angle next. That means by my watch, Taker v Kane will follow, and then the triple threat RAW title match will go on for a while, with possible Benoit win. Will all rest of the results of this match and the Taker/Kane match. Molly still being shaved. Just under two hours left for three matches. I give this one 30 minutes.

Kurt Angle out first. Eddie follows, in signiature low-rider.Good match. Eddie untied his boot. Angle went for the Angle Lock and the boot came off. Eddie got the win.

Undertaker defeated Kane. Simple Taker match, got him over, mark out moment entirely. The record is now 12-0.

Chris Benoit defeated Shawn Michaels and HHH in an excellent match. Shawn and Chris carried it, but HHH played his part very well. Afterwards, Eddie came down to celebrate with Chris.