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3CW Free For All Results – Dormanstown 14th March 2004

There was a near full house at Dormanstown’s Ennis Square Social club for 3CW’s inaugural show (14/03/04) which was entitled “Free For All”.

The opening bout was an 8 man tag team match:

Team GBH, which was comprised of “Gangster” Ben Harland, EdEn, Malice Mascarado and “Pornstar” Dave Styles defeated Team Valentine, which was led by Chris Valentine and included “Playboy” Johnny Love, “Pop Sensation” Jayson Mayson and Jeremy Vengeance.

Jeremy Vengeance was eliminated early on as EdEn, Malice and Styles executed moves almost simultaneously and then covered Vengeance in unison to eliminate him from the contest.

Malice Mascarado faced elimination shortly afterwards after falling victim to a vicious lariat from Chris Valentine.

Now both teams were even, with 3 on each remaining.

Team GBH lost another member as Styles was eliminated next by a Samoan Drop from Johnny Love.

It got worse for Team GBH as EdEn was eliminated by Jayson Mayson’s Sensational KO. Harland would have to go on to face the remaining 3 members of Team Valentine. He eliminated Mayson with a stunner, which enraged Chris Valentine. Chris was then disqualified for using a chain to attack Harland. It was down to Ben Harland and Johnny Love.

“Playboy” Johnny Love used his size and power to his advantage. However, this wasn’t to last long as the Gangster soon made a comeback and hit Love with a stunner and scored a pinfall to make his Team GBH victorious.

Ice XVII – accompanied by Vincent D. White – bested Lance Thunder, who was led to ringside by the Pitbull.

Ice was determined to beat Dormanstown’s own Lance Thunder even if it meant doing so by any means necessary. He did just that by using manager White to his advantage. Ice even got in the face of the referee claiming Thunder was pulling his hair, when Ice XVII has little to no hair. The fans got behind their hometown boy and in turn, he gave Ice everything he had, including his signature spinebuster but the interference of Vincent D White and Ice’s cheating tactics were just too much for Thunder to overcome which eventually led to him being sidetracked and rolled up by Ice for a pinfall, and Ice left victorious.

Stevie Aaron hosted his first edition of “Aaron Ask”, with his guests, The Chart Busters.

Aaron starts off by saying there’s nowhere better to have the first show than in Dormanstown. Not only did The Chartbusters (Jayson Mayson and Justin Marrs) start to speak ill of 3CW, they moved on to disrespecting Dormanstown, which only drew the ire of the crowd. Aaron announced that he would participate in the rumble, and appeared to be challenging The Chartbusters. Marrs shoved Aaron only to be then floored. Mayson blindsided Aaron with a low blow and the Busters proceded to beat Aaron down until he was saved by Bad Ass Brooks. Brooks and Aaron agreed that it would be every man for himself in the rumble. However, if they were to be in the ring with the Chartbusters, then they’d have to take them out together.

Adam Brown & Chris Cannon drew with Jonny Studd & “Violent” Jack Simpson in what ended in a double countout.

This match quickly turned into a brawl, leaving Adam Brown and Johnny Studd brawling on the outside and eventually being counted out to end the match.

Afterwards, Cannon wasn’t pleased with Brown costing them the match and turned on him, hitting him with his signature move, “The Omen” with Studd and Jack at his side.

The main event of the evening was a special Dormanstown “Free For All” Style Royal Rumble with the winner winning the coveted 3CW trophy.

Parenthesis after eliminator are the amount they have eliminated in the match.

1. The Jay Moreno Experience (6 mins) by Ice XVII (1)
2. Dave Styles (12 mins) by Jonny Love (1)
3. Jonny Love (10 mins) by Dave Styles (1)
4. Maniark (5 mins) by GBH (1)
5. Ice XVII (17 mins) by Lance Thunder (1)
6. Lance Thunder (1 min) by Ice XVII (2)
7. Justin Marrs (14 mins) by Stevie Aaron (1)
8. Jeremy Vengeance (1 min) by GBH (2)
9. Strife (12 mins) by Bad Ass Brooks (1)
10. Dale Richards (3 mins) by Bad Ass Brooks (2)
11. Chris Bell (9 mins) by Bad Ass Brooks (3)
12. Jayson Mayson (7 mins) by Bad Ass Brooks (4)
13. GBH (20 mins) by Vincent D. White (1)
14. Lord Bolthorn (2 mins) by Chris Valentine (1)
15. Bad Ass Brooks (9 mins) by Chris Valentine (2)
16. Vincent D. White (8 mins) by Adam Brown (1)
17. Stevie Aaron (30 mins) by Adam Brown (2)
18. Jack Simpson (9 mins) by Adam Brown (3)
19. Chris Valentine (9 mins) by Malice Mascarado, EdEn, Chris Cannon (1)
20. Malice Mascarado (4 mins) by EdEn (2)
21. EdEn (8 mins) by Malice Mascarado (2)
22. Jonny Studd (4 mins) by Adam Brown (4)
23. Chris Cannon (8 mins) by Adam Brown (5)

WINNER: Adam Brown

Order of entry:
1. Ice XVII
2. “Pornstar” Dave Styles
3. “Playboy” Jonny Love
4. The Jay Moreno Experience
5. Justin Marrs
6. “Sweet” Stevie Aaron
7. Maniark
8. Gangster Ben Harland (GBH)
9. Strife
10. “Pure Sex” Lance Thunder
11. Chris Bell
12. Jayson Mayson
13. Jeremy Vengeance
14. Dale Richards
15. Bad Ass Brooks
16. Vincent D. White
17. Jack Simpson
18. Lord Bolthorn
19. Chris Valentine
20. “Wild Thing” Adam Brown
21. EdEn
22. Chris Cannon
23. Malice Mascarado
24. Jonny Studd

Longest time in Rumble: Stevie Aaron (30 mins)
Shortest time in Rumble: Lance Thunder/Jeremy Vengenace (1 min)
Most eliminated: Adam Brown (5)
Number 1 entry: Ice XVII
Number 2 entry: Dave Styles
Last entry: Jonny Studd
Number won from: 20

Credit: Sean David & Matt Wilkinson for writeup/editing.

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