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RBW in Enfield, London/Middlesex on Saturday 27th March 2004

Press Release:

Saturday 27th March 2004
Revolution British Wrestling in association with the United Kingdom Wrestling Alliance
Celbic Hall, Lancaster Road, Enfield, London/Middlesex

The time is near for the third monthly Revolution British Wrestling event to take place at the Celbic Hall in Enfield, London/Middlesex, following two previous events in January and February which have seen some great quality professional wrestling take place as part of RBW’s growing expansion nationwide.

Tickets are in limited supply for this event due to the compact size of the venue. Information on how to reserve a ticket can be found below.

The Line-Up

  • Johnny Kidd (Luton) (c) vs “English Bulldog” Matt Jarrett (Cheltenham) – British Middleweight Championship

It was this very venue that saw the finals of the British Middleweight Championship tournament take place, with Johnny Kidd managing to narrowly defeat “Golden Boy” Cameron Knite two falls to one in a highly-competitive epic six-round encounter. Kidd has since gone on to defend the Championship twice successfully by defeating Sammy Ray in February, and “Misfit” Jorge Castano in March, as well as a non-title catchweight bout against Kris Kay.

Johnny Kidd will be making his third appearance in Enfield, and by coincidence his third British Middleweight Championship defence, in this event against the “English Bulldog” Matt Jarrett. Jarrett is in the midst of a comeback for Revolution British Wrestling since a long period of absence, which has seen him on the sidelines since November of 2002, after loosing the G.N Promotions version Mid-Heavyweight Championship to Keith Myatt. Matt Jarrett made his return last month in Enfield, managing to defeat American star Tex Benedict in an impressive display of wrestling, earning his shot at the British Middleweight Championship.

Jarrett and Kidd will meet in a contest for the British Middleweight Championship, which will be the first ever bout to take place between the two wrestlers to date.

  • “The Gift” Ross Jordan (Hertfordshire) (c) vs Sammy Ray (Formally Blackpool, now living in London) – British Welterweight Championship

The reigning British Welterweight Champion, Ross Jordan, has proved to be one of Britain’s most promising young talents, defending his Championship successfully on numerous occassions, and leading the renegade group, the “Southern Alliance”, into sucess with them holding the majority of British Championships.

Jordan has overcame challengers in the form of Jack Hazard, Anton Green, Mark Shaman and others in a great display of ability and courage, with his Southern Alliance teamates not always present.

His challenger tonight is Sammy Ray, who has been impressing audiences everywhere with great contests against the likes of “Misfit” Jorge Castano, Jack Storm, Johnny Kidd and more. Ray has made his feelings about the Southern Alliance clear on previous occassions, and challenged Ross Jordan for this bout.

Ray has also recently appeared on daily TV show “The Salon” and has also completed filming for a new series of “Monkey Magic” to be shown later this year on Channel 5 television.

  • “Misfit” Jorge Castano (Cali, Colombia) vs Ethan Hayze (Southampton) – Singles Action

>From the end of 2003 up till today, Jorge Castano’s return to RBW action has proved to be somewhat unsuccessful. Castano, who is undoubtedly a fine competitor, has been defeated by both Sammy Ray and Johnny Kidd in recent action, and has not yet managed to defeat an opponent in RBW this year.

Castano has clearly worked hard to try and defeat his opponents, but his arrogant personality has got the better of him, and his opponents have capitalised on this weakness.

On this event, Castano is wrestling Southampton’s Ethan Hayze. Hayze has been making a good name for himself around the South of England for a variety of promotions, and this will be his first RBW appearance.

Hayze is looking to rise the ranks in RBW in this contest with Jorge Castano, and we wish him all the best on his RBW debut.

  • Southern Alliance (c) vs Will Assault (Sheffield) and Rainz (Killamarsh) – British Tag Team Championship

Tag team competition is as competitive as ever between the Southern Alliance group and the popular group of stars led by Sheffield favourite Will Assault.

The Southern Alliance group have a stronghold on the British Tag Team Championships which has seen them successful on numerous occassions against all challengers. At present, the two wrestlers to defend the Championships have not yet been chosen, yet the RBW officials have stated that they must choose a combination of the three possible Tag Team Champions, and not anyone else, thus making it a non-title match. This means that any combination of Stixx, J.C Thunder or Chris Wyld are eligible.

It will be the team of Will Assault and 6ft 6ins giant Rainz. This will mark the second time that they have teamed up with each other, since their narrow loss to Stixx and Chris Wyld in Chingford, London earlier this month, which saw the continuing of a series of controversial victories in favour of the Southern Alliance.

This contest will see another opportunity for the Southern Alliance to be defeated or retain their Championships, in what is sure to be a very fierce encounter between both teams.

  • Battle Gauntlet

At the end of the evening a over-the-top rope Battle Gauntlet will take place, featuring all the stars from the evening’s wrestling event, as well as graduate trainees from both the London and Nottingham RBW training centres.

Competitors will enter the ring, with a one minute interval before each entry. The winner will be the last wrestler to remain in the ring, with the rest of the competitors eliminated, similar to the standard Battle Royal.

Show Information

Saturday 27th March 2004
Revolution British Wrestling in association with the United Kingdom Wrestling Alliance
Celbic Hall, Lancaster Road, Enfield, London/Middlesex

Doors Open – 7.00pm
Event Starts – 7.20pm
Event Ends – 9.30/10.00pm

Tickets are priced at just £7.00 per seat (flat rate) and can be booked using any of the following methods:

Telephone – 07940 476612
E-mail – (this is for reserve-only)

Cheque/Cash/Postal Order etc – Please e-mail for instructions.

In person – Tickets will be available at the venue itself on the night of the event.

Online Payment – All major credit and debut cards accepted via PayPal and FastPay. Please see the website for more information.

Further Information

Additional information on this event, as well as other RBW events can be found by visiting or