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wZw announce first DVD release – Break Out Tour 1

Press Release:

The Breakout Tour proved a massive success, filling 3 of the 4 venues to capacity. The 4 shows are to be released on DVD and VHS video in the coming weeks.

The first show at the sell out 1000 seater Loreburn Hall in Dumfries is the first DVD to be released. Its released on a double disk edition and as an added extra the Jake “The Snake” Roberts now infamous retirement speech and shoot on Alex Shane, after the back stage altercation is going to be featured as an extra.

Matches on the DVD are as follows…

1.. Alex Shane Vs General Trent Steel

2..Paul Birchill & Enigma Vs Nattrass Boys

3..Carbon Vs Stevie Lynn (Tables Match)

4..Aviv Maayan Vs “Spitfire” Tony Warrior (Best out of 5 Falls)
Inter-Promotional Title Match

5..James Tighe Vs Mark Sloan

6..Full Pack Vs Commonwealth Connection (Hardcore Rules match)

7..Jake Roberts Vs Iceman

The DVD will comprise of 2 DVD’s, full colour cover and double DVD case, price includes postage and packaging and if pre purchased you will get £1.00 off the retail price. The price for the DVD is only £8.00.

Download the Video Trailer…

Each DVD/Video will have its own video trailer, available online for download. To download the trailer for this release please click here.

VHS videos will be released mid April and will be the same price as the DVD’s.

For more information please check out the wzw website: