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CZW: Return to Italy

Press Release:

(Philadelphia, PA) – In two days, CZW will return to action in Italy for Aftershock! CZW owner John Zandig claims that Italy hasn’t seen anything yet! The headlining match is set to be Zandig vs. The Messiah, with other matches planned such as Wifebeater vs. Adam Flash, Sonjay vs. Jimmy Rave, Ruckus vs. B-Boy, along with the appearances of the H8 Club, Ian Knoxx, and Nick Berk. On top of all that though, Aftershock will mark the official debut of the homicidal, the genocidal, the suicidal, SABU! What does Sabu have planned for CZW in Italy? No one knows except the homicidal one himself! This event takes place this Saturday, March 27, 2004. If you know that you won’t be able to attend this show, don’t forget to order your copy of the event at when it becomes available!

The following weekend, CZW has a double header planned for their American fans. First, on Friday, April 2, CZW debuts in Reading, PA for Dub 1402! The matches planned so far include: B-Boy taking on the Messiah for the CZW Heavyweight Championship, Adam Flash vs. Danny Rose, also, Joker gets a shot at Jimmy Rave’s Ironman title. Plus, in Reading, fans will witness the CZW returns of Chris Hero and Roderick Strong!

Then, the night after, in Philadelphia, PA’s Viking Hall, CZW returns for Retribution! And what a night it is going to be! Zandig and B-Boy have issued a challenge to The Messiah and Teddy Hart, the Wiefebeater will wrestle Adam Flash, Sonjay Dutt will defend his Junior Heavyweight Championship against Roderick Strong and Petey Williams, Joker will take on Jon Dahmer in a first round Xtreme Strong Style match, Ruckus and Sabian will take on All Money is Legal, plus, Retribution will see the CZW returns of Chris Hero and Dan Maff!!

What will happen on this huge weekend? Will B-Boy finally win a World title and accomplish his dream in CZW? Will Teddy Hart show up at Viking Hall to answer Zandig’s challenge? Will Sonjay Dutt be able to successfully defend his title against two top notch competitors such as Petey Williams and Roderick Strong? Will Joker continue to make 2004 ‘his year’ by winning the Ironman title and taking a first round victory in the Strong Style tournament?

No one knows the answers to these questions, so you have to be there live to witness them for yourself. After CZW’s stellar shows last month, Bring the Pain and Overdrive, how can you pass up attending these events? Zandig promises to deliver large again, and with the way things have been going lately, you can take that to the bank! Tickets are on sale for all of these events at the CZW website,! Get them while they are still available!