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3CW Rivertown Rumble Full Results

A near capacity crowd at the Blytholme Club & Institue in Stockton for 3CW’s Rivertown Rumble.

The opening bout was:

5 Star Flash Def. “Brooklyn Brawler” Julio Torres

This match took a good while to get on the way much to the dismay of the fans as Julio Torres was too busy taunting and insulting the fans in Stockton, his opponent 5 Star Flash started an “England” chant and the fans chanted along, angering the American Torres even more, the Stockton crowd then begin to shout insults back to Torres which distracted him and led him to fall victim to 5 Star Flash’s speed and agility as Flash picked up the win from a top rope cross body block.

> Stevie Knight Def. Kid Romeo

The crowd were definitely behind Stevie Knight in this match up, the fans quickly began to dislike Romeo in the early going as he kept going quickly to the ropes every time Knight locked in a hold to get out easily. Romeo couldn’t handle it any longer and quickly bailed out of the ring almost getting counted out, eventually Knight went out after Romeo and the match quickly turned into a Brawl on the outside seeing Romeo slammed onto the bare wood on the outside. This turned things around for the veteran as he soon got Romeo back into the ring and hit him with a diving cross body for the 3 count. Romeo got “friendly” with a crowd member afterwards, hugging him and pleading for help getting to the back after the beating.

> Lance Thunder w/Pitbull Def. Ice XVII w/ Vincent D. White

This rematch from the Free For All started off with Ice XVII up to his usual tricks. Ice XVII used every trick in the book this time to try and claim another victory over the young Lance Thunder, just when Thunder finally got an opening and a chance to defeat Ice, Vincent D. White got himself involved by tripping Thunder over from the outside, this changed the way the match was going once again in the favor of a bitter Ice, Ice now hit a German suplex out of jealousy not only trying to win the match but to injure Thunder. Ice XVII then quickly hit his signature Michinoku Driver #2 and made the cover but to the awe of everyone Thunder kicked out this unsettled Vincent as he realised his client couldn’t secure victory over Thunder, Lance made a comeback knocking Ice into White and sending White off the apron then leaving Ice to walk right into a Thunder Driver which led Lance Thunder to victory.

> Team Valentine (Chris Valentine, Johnny Love, Justin Marrs, Jayson Mayson, Jeremy Vengeance) Def. Team GBH (GBH, Malice Mascarado, Dave Styles, EdEn, Stevie Aaron)

Team GBH cleared the ring before the match started and showed they meant business, as the ref gained control the match started with Malice Mascarado representing team GBH going up against Jayson Mayson from team Valentine, Malice quickly took control for team GBH and quick tags and double teams were made, Mayson tagged out and Jeremy Vengeance stepped in Malice quickly tried to get him down but failed and was slammed by Vengeance, Malice eventually tagged EdEn in and they double teamed the huge monster but he eventually caught both Malice and EdEn but EdEn made a tag and GBH ran in made the save and stunnered Vengeance eliminating him from the match. Things got personal soon after as Justin Marrs and Stevie Aaron faced off against each other but this quickly turned into a brawl causing both men to be eliminated by double count out. EdEn quickly got one up for team GBH as he eliminated Jayson Mayson with the Flash Magic. Chris Valentine came in and had evidently had enough, he did not want to feel the feeling of defeat again for his team and he quickly used his power to eliminate EdEn with a Dragon Suplex. Malice came in and quickly tried to take advantage over Johnny Love hitting him with a shining wizard but this was too much and as love reversed the Malicious Intent attempt he eliminated Malice with the “Love Bite” Samoan Drop. Soon after Dave Styles eliminates Johnny Love with his signature top rope Splash of Style. Love was furious and dived at him upon being eliminated, and the two brawled to the back – Styles was counted out in the process leaving GBH and Chris Valentine to face each other one on one. After going back and forth Chris Valentine managed to hit an Exploder Suplex on Gangster scoring the 3 count and marking victory for team Valentine.

> Dog Collar Match: Adam Brown Vs Chris Cannon

As this one started, Brown had the chain locked around his neck, as it was explained that the win would come via touching each of the four buckles, uninterrupted, in succession, and not via the traditional means. It then came Cannon’s turn to be fastened to the chain, but Cannon was much more reluctant, diving for the ropes every time the referee attempted to put the chain around his neck. Eventually he stood still long enough to be fastened in, but still didn’t seem keen to wrestle, diving for the ropes constantly and refusing to let go. Eventually even the official got sick of Cannon’s stalling, kicking his hand off the ropes and allowing the match to begin. The match itself was a bloody, hard fought brawl, with Cannon being busted open in the early going, and the chain put to good effect, with punches and choking with the chain employed. After a hard fought struggle, Adam Brown would eventually manage to hit a huge gorilla press on Cannon, then managing to hit three corners, and after a struggle, he dived into the fourth for the victory.

> The main event of the evening was the “Rivertown” Rumble.

It was explained to us that Adam Brown’s victory at The Free For All for the 3CW Trophy is actually now officially Null & Void due to the changing of the rules at the Free For All, this leaves the Trophy Vacant and the winner of the Rivertown Rumble would be the new 3CW Trophy holder.

Order of Entry:

1. Justin Marrs
2. Stevie Aaron
3. Jayson Mayson
4. GBH
5. Malice Mascarado
6. “The Kid” Dale Richards
7. Vincent D White
8. Chris Bell
9. Lord Bolthorn
10. Strife
11. The Jay Moreno Experience
12. Lance Thunder
13. Maniark
14. Edward Hyde
15. Ice XVII
16. Bad Ass Brooks
17. Jeremy Vengeance
18. EdEn
19. “Wild Thing” Adam Brown
20. “Playboy” Jonny Love
21. “Porn Star” Dave Styles
22. Chris Cannon
23. Chris Valentine

Order of Elimination (Length In Rumble)

1. Justin Marrs by GBH (10 mins)
2. Jayson Mayson by Stevie Aaron (8 mins)
3. Malice Mascarado by Dale Richards (8 mins)
4. Dale Richards by Malice Mascarado from the outside after poison mist (6 mins)
5. Chris Bell by Lord Bolthorn (7 mins)
6. GBH by Lance Thunder (16 mins)
7. VD White by Lance Thunder (10 mins)
8. Lord Bolthorn by Stevie Aaron (7 mins)
9. Edward Hyde by Ice XVII (2 mins)
10. The Jay Moreno Experience by Strife (8 mins)
11. Strife by Bad Ass Brooks (12 mins)
12. Maniark by Bad Ass Brooks (7 mins)
13. Jeremy Vengeance by Adam Brown & Bad Ass Brooks (4 mins)
14. Stevie Aaron by Ice XVII (35 mins)
15. Bad Ass Brookes by Ice XVII(8 mins)
16. EdEn by Ice XVII (6 mins)
17. Jonny Love by Dave Styles (6 mins)
18. Dave Styles by Jonny Love (4 mins)
19. Chris Valentine by Adam Brown (4 mins)
20. Ice XVII by Adam Brown (18 mins)
21. Chris Cannon by Adam Brown (4 mins)
22. Adam Brown by Lance Thunder (10 mins)

> Records:

Longest time in Rumble: Stevie Aaron (35 mins)
Shortest time in Rumble: Edward Hyde (2 mins)
Most eliminated: Adam Brown/Ice XVII (4)
Number 1 entry: Justin Marrs
Number 2 entry: Stevie Aaron
Last entry: Chris Valentine
Number won from: 12


Lance Thunder celebrated as the new 3CW Trophy Holder as the night came to an end, will Lance Thunder be able to defend the Trophy successfully in the future?

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Credit: Matt Wilkinson