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3PW: Press Release for April 17th

Saturday April 17, 2004
Viking Hall (Swanson and Ritner Streets-next to Forman Mills, corner of Swanson & Ritner Streets)
(866) 228-0326


Joey Matthews has always had the potential for greatness. Whether he was being selected as a developmental talent at a relatively young age… being one-half of a tag team poised to dominate ECW just before it’s sudden demise…even forming his own clique of “minions” in 3PW, glory has always been just within reach, but never a priority. Matthews was always too busy stroking his own ego or insulting Philly fans to truly get serious about his own career…. that is, until November 22nd, 2003. On that night, Raven made his first appearance as 3PW Commissioner, and almost immediately ordered Matthews into a match with one of most hard-hitting athletes in wrestling today, Low-Ki. With no escape and no time to prepare, a funny thing happened… Joey Matthews held his own, and came very close to getting a win. Even in defeat, a fire was lit within Joey, as he finally realized that he had the ability to be a top player, and set out on a mission to prove himself. First, he figured out a way to defeat Low-Ki and Ruckus in a three-way dance. Next, he got a clean victory over “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles. Finally, he beat the odds to win a #1 contender’s match and earn himself this upcoming title shot, despite Raven’s attempts to halt his progress.

Raven, meanwhile, has been having the time of his life since weaseling his way into the commissionary position here in 3PW. Using and abusing his power at will, Raven has not only used his authority to win the 3PW title, but has since turned Pro-Pain Pro into his own personal playground. He teased, taunted and tormented The Sandman for months, survived the challenge of “Pitbull” Gary Wolfe (all with the help of his appointed flunky, JACK VICTORY), and has now turned his attention to Matthews, even openly stacking the odds against him last month by adding Sabu to the Matthews/Jerry Lynn #1 contender’s match. Raven is publicly taking the challenger lightly, but his actions reek of desperation and indicate that the champion may believe that his days on top just might be numbered.

This is, after all, a very different Joey Matthews that will step into the ring on March 20th. The old Matthews cowered like a frightened child in the face of Raven upon his arrival. The new one stood up to him in February, man to man. He has found a way to overcome every tremendous grappler in his path en route to challenging for the richest prize in 3PW. Raven has found a way to dispose of every challenger en route to defending it. On March 20th, 2004, will Raven finally figure out “The Future” and put an end to his ultimate dream? Or will Joey Matthews find a way to finally realize his potential….perhaps even his destiny?

Jerry Lynn Vs. SABU

When it was announced that Jerry Lynn has been set to make his long-awaited debut for 3PW in January, wrestling fans rejoiced. So did Lynn, who recognizes the special bond that he has with Philadelphia. Truly, the City of Brotherly Love has been the site of Lynn’s greatest career moments. Despite his success elsewhere in the country and around the world, make no mistake about it: Jerry Lynn is great everywhere, but in Philly, he is that much better, and he has an ECW Heavyweight Championship reign on his resume to prove it.

So it was with great pride that Lynn accepted the invitation to join the ranks of 3PW, and he prepared himself for what looked to be the most balls-to-the wall, physically challenging phase of his career. That theory proved to be an understatement, as his very first match in Pro-Pain Pro pitted him against none other than Sabu, the former ECW AND 3PW Champ whom Lynn had battled throught the midwest region in the early 90’s. The man whom he battled on worldwide Pay-per-view. The man whose toughness and will to succeed despite relative lack of size is matched only by Lynn;s own similar resolve.

The match was just like old times, with the high-impact intensity igniting a fire within Lynn that took him to new levels of physical punishment and high-risk insanity. Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite enough, as Sabu managed to get the victory after putting Lynn through a table after both men had beaten the holy hell out of one another. In February, unexpected circumstances placed both men in a triple threat match to determine a new top contender in 3PW, with third-man Joey Matthews letting the bitter rivals counteract each other en route to getting the win.

Now, both “The new F’N Show” and the “Homicidal, suicidal, genocidal maniac” want one more opportunity to prove their superiority over the other once and for all. No titles are on the line, and no fancy stipulations will be in effect. Just two men… in one ring… in the place that helped make both men great… who will prove to be the best?

Return Grudge Match:
RUCKUS once again goes up against DAMIAN ADAMS!

For over a year, Damian Adams has done everything in his power to make a name for himself in 3PW. He improved his physical conditioning: noone seemed to notice. He got new tights: fans couldn’t care less. It wasn’t until his huge upset victory over “Pitbull” Gary Wolfe that Adams began to finally earn some attention. In January, Adams looked to kick off 2004 with a big win over the gravity defying phenom known as Ruckus. Unfortunately, after a tremendously competitive encounter, it was Ruckus who had his hand raised in victory. Suddenly, the frustration that Adams thought he had left behind was slowly creeping their way back into his psyche. In February, during the Adams-Ruckus rematch, Adams absolutely snapped, grabbing the microphone and denouncing any desire to please anyone but himself from then on. Suddenly, the clean wrestling match everyone had anticipated had degenerated into an all-out war, with both men simultaneously falling from the top turnbuckle they were fighting on and plummeting through separate tables at ringside. Both men had to be pulled from the battlefield and taken to a nearby hospital. Now, Ruckus wants revenge, and the “new” Damian Adams wants to finally get a win over the popular foe that represents everything he USED to be. Who will win? More importantly, who will survive?


Last time, “HOT STUFF”… sorry, “MACHO MAN” Matt Striker made his return to 3PW in grand fashion, rescuing the now-former slave girl TALIA from the clutches of “Sugar Daddy” Tod Gordon and Jasmine St. Clair. Now, sources say that ROB ECKOS is demanding that Striker confront him face-to-face on April 17th. Since being united under the tutelage of Joey Matthews, it’s no secret that Eckos has become increasingly frustrated with Striker’s lack of focus. Now, with Matthew’s loosening the reigns on his former “training”, will the, um, “Minion-powers” explode on April 17th?

Meanwhile, “Sugar Daddy” TOD GORDON and JASMIN ST. CLAIRE may have been stripped of their sex slave AND their pride last month, but nevertheless they WILL return on April 17th with another edition of the “SUGAR SHACK”. No doubt, these two have a LOT on their mind, and with a live microphone and no censors, who knows what they will say or do on the 17th?


When last we saw her, after watching her swap spit with Jasmin St Claire, she left happily arm in arm with Sugar Daddy and Jasmin with Slavegirl (now Miss Talia) closely behind. What is bringing her back? Find out April 17!!!!

You’ve heard the name. You’ve seen the tapes. Now, be there LIVE as N8 Matson FINALLY makes his way to the wrestling capitol of the world. Hailing from Detroit, MI, this eight-year veteran has dominated the Michigan area and beyond for a good while now, especially in various junior heavyweight divisions. Competing frequently on both sides of the Canadian border, the man who trained the likes of Chris Sabin, Gabriel Brimstone and many others looks to make a name for himself all over again, this time in 3PW!

ALSO ANNOUNCED: “Pitbull” Gary Wolf, The Blue Meanie, Roadkill, Monsta Mack, Rockin’ Rebel, Jack Victory, CJ O’ Doyle, Ron Zombie, Mike Kruel, Derek Wylde, Ricky Vega and more

****Card Subject To Change****

*****SPECIAL NOTE******
The tickets sold for April 17 will STILL say March 20. 3PW did not want to put out different tickets and potential over sell front row. March 20 tickets are being sold for April 17.

Tickets are available RIGHT NOW at:

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