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UFC 47 notes

Today, I hung out with MMA Weeky Radio host Ryan Bennett and his co-host Frank Trigg and the many guests on the show such as Tim Sylvia, Yves Edwards, Wes Sims, Chris Lytle, Genki Sudo, Mike Brown and Jorge Rivera.

There was a lot discussed. Ryan asked me for my take on the Liddell/Ortiz fight. I said that I felt Liddell would pull it out, as he is the better striker and I didn’t think Ortiz’s wrestling skills were good enough to keep Liddell down. Ryan also commented on the new and improved physique of Liddell and he also was going with Liddell along with Trigg.

Tim Sylvia talked about his feelings on waiting on his test results, claiming eithr way, he wouldn’t let it stop him getting back the UFC title at some stage. Yves Edwards was also very confident going into his fight with Hermes Franca. Alao, Wes Sims joked a lot and said he was ready to step back ino the octagon at a moment’s notice. 

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