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*UFC update*

‘If Tim Sylvia fails his second steroid test, with the results expected tomorrow morning, the back-up plan will be Andrei Arlovsky vs. Wes Cabbage Correira as the heavyweight championship match on Friday night in Las Vegas.

UFC contacted Wes Sims and gave him the word to be a possible sub for Correira in Correira’s scheduled match with Mike Kyle. Sims was contacted one week ago, which is probably when UFC first received word of Sylvia’s failed test.

Sylvia failed for Stanozol (Winstrol), which was the same steroid he tested positive for after beating Gan McGee in a heavyweight title defense on 9/26. He was then suspended by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, fined $7,500, and UFC followed by stripping him of his heavyweight championship.

Sylvia claims it was trace amounts and he has not used Stanozol for nine months. The test came back with a low enough concentration of Stanozol that it implied the usage was not recent. However, part of the terms of his getting his license back after suspension by the Nevada State Athletic Commission is that he needs a clean test, which this turned out not to be.’

(Matt) I think if this gets leaked outside to a few national papers, this could deter the chances of UFC being on television "by Fall" as Dana White has said recently. With the UFC, it seems just as they’re about to break-out, someone chop-blocks them. But this ain’t any outsiders’ fault, it’s solely their own.