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UFC 47 update

Just an update on my last news item. Yesterday on Ryan Bennett’s show, UFC match maker Joe Silva was also on the show. He discussed the process of match making and more or less clarified that guy’s were picked based on results and also based on wht the fans want to see. When Joe Silva said this, I immediately asked him about why Jeremy Horn wasn’t signed to a contract as of yet since he’s on form at 185 and since the majority of the online fans want him on the big show.

Joe said that you’d have to ask Dana White about that. Also, Genki Sudo showed his much improved English and how he was feeling good and looking forward to fighting Mike Brown. Ryan asked Genki what we should expect from his entrance. Genki said it was a surprise and we’d find out at the event itself. Also, Genki’s opponent, Mike Brown was in good form and when he was asked about how he plans to deal with Genki’s unpredictability, he said that when Genki turns his back, you may see him go straight at Genki.

Also, when asked about whether he wants the fight on the feet or on the ground, Mike said that he plans to test the water on the feet and then he may decide to stand or go to the ground. Today, I will join Ryan again on his radio show. Today, I’ll try my best to get some quick interviews in with some of the fighters before the show.