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Wes Sims interview

Note: I’m currently transferring this interview over from tape to writing and I’m at a net kiosk, so just refrsh your page every few minutes or wait for a little while longer.

Joe Reilly: Hey, I’m here with Wes Sims live on location at the Mandalay Bay Events Center on the day of UFC 47. Wes is getting ready to take on Mike Kyle on very short notice due to Tim Sylvia having lingering agents in his system. First of all, how are you doing, man?

Wes Sims: Hey, I’m doing good, I’m ready to go.

JR: Ok, well, when did the UFC first approach you about this fight to have a contingency plan for the Arlovski/Sylvia situation?  

WS: They approached me about a week ago, but they have done nothing wrong in this situation, they’ve been good, it’s Tim Sylvia that put us in this situation, but I’m gonna step in there and get it on and it’s kill or be killed, I’m gonna whoop his ass.

JR: Right, and what’s your opinion on Mike Kyle, he’s the guy you have to get mentally ready for and everything that goes with it.

WS: I don’t know him, I mean, I have no beef with him, we’re just gonna go in there and fight. I do wanna win though. I don’t go into fights saying I’m not gonna win or I’m sick or whatever. I stepped in yesterday, it’s a short notice thing, I’m not worried if I gas and he whips my ass. I’m there to entertain, as the sport is about the fans, as long as I’m entertaining, I’m doing my job.

JR: Yeah, that’s cool. Also, many people know that your a fan of pro wrestling and you said to Ryan Bennett over at MMA Weekly that we may see you perform some pro wrestling moves in the fight. Realistically, if you see an opening in the fight to do that, will you?  

WS: I don’t go in there with a set gameplan, I just take whatever he gives me, so if I feel like it, I’ll do a dropkick or if I feel like it, I’ll powerbomb him his ass.

JR: Right, also, in all honestly, both you and I know that there’s many people out there that hate you and many that love you, what have you got to say to them and is there anything you’d like to plug?

WS: I love the fans in general, so if you love me or hate me, just keep talking about me.

JR: OK, well, thanks for your time, best of luck in your fight and I look forward to seeing you in action.

WS: Thank you.