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WWE: Flight from Hell continues – Sexual Harassment Lawsuit against Hall, Rhodes and Flair has posted seven pages of the sexual harassment lawsuit that has been brought against World Wrestling Entertainment, Scott Hall, Dustin Runnels, and Ric Flair on Monday by several flight attendants for Arizona-based charter airline company Sportsjet. The lawsuit stems from the action of wrestlers on the infamous “plane ride from hell” on May 5, 2002 when the promotion was returning from a British tour to the United States.

The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages for negligence, negligent supervision, assault and battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and false imprisonment.

According to the filing, Flair is alleged to have forced more than one attendant to “touch his crotch” and to have “forcibly detained and restrained” another “while he sexually assaulted her.” The nature of the “assault” is not discussed.

Scott Hall is alleged to have grabbed at an attendant and asked her for oral sex, among other crude comments.

Dustin Runnels is alleged to have grabbed the rear of one of the flight attendants, asked about whether her breasts were real, and made other sexually tinged comments.

According to the report, unnamed wrestlers also grabbed the attendants and “gave them needles to dispose of.” The filing blames WWE for allowing the wrestlers to be given alcoholic beverages on the flight, noting that they were aware of issues with Scott Hall and “other incidents” in the past as well.

Interesting to note is that the filing believes that due to public statements, that Ric Flair maintains ownership in both the Raw brand and WWE. Obviously, Flair’s ownership was completely a storyline plot, nothing more.

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