The Three Count

T3C: Random Ravings

There’s a few things on my mind this week, everything from Nidia’s smile (you mean you weren’t looking at her face?) to a friendship between two enemies…

Boy has it been a busy week, so this time around I thought I’d share a few thoughts that are whirling around the wrestling section of my mind.

Bradshaw: What is it about this guy? Sure he’s good on the mic but have you ever sat back and looked forward to a Bradshaw match? Go on, don’t lie to me, no one has ever done that. After failing as a Stan Hansen lookalike, he ended up in tag teams for years, now he’s got a major push. What’s happening here? Could Hardcore Holly and Bradshaw both be in main events this year? That’s the buy-rate for that PPV gone if Bradshaw aka IRS 2004 gets a title shot.

Shelton Benjamin: A lot’s happened for this guy over the past few weeks, he’s getting a big push and turned face, or has he? I’m suspicious here and believe he could soon be in Evolution. He fits the bill perfectly and I get the feeling Triple H is due a face turn soon. Look at the four of them at present, three have a belt, one doesn’t and he’s the leader. Now if Trips was to keep losing, specially at Backlash where he must not get that belt back, then what next? He’s a serial loser and Orton won’t like that. Battle ensues and in comes Benjamin. Just a thought but it could happen!

Steve Austin: Something has to be done for this guy. He’s just not working for me as the sheriff. He has no serious feud going on at present and is just treading water.

Nidia: Has she got the worst smile in the business or what? She’s attractive and a bit top heavy after the surgery but the minute she smiles, she looks, well, simple actually.

Lance Storm: Just what will Vince do with this guy? I like him but just like D’Lo Brown he’s just been messed about with so many times character-wise, fans don’t know what to make of him.

Backlash: Doesn’t look a bad card too date. Bit of a Wrestlemania replay with the main event, which surely must be changed to a ladder match, and Jericho v Christian. Edge v Kane looks ok, if Edge is to get the big push though, this is another step back for Kane who really should have gone to Smackdown.

Chris Jericho: Well the face turn is complete now with his behaviour towards Trish this week almost identical to the way he used to treat Stephanie. What will it do for his career? If he can get past Christian, then an IC match with Orton would be pretty good.

The Raw Tag Titles; And the number one challengers are?

Benoit and Michaels: Why all this buddy stuff, Michaels should be turning heel sometime soon (with Triple H going in the opposite direction). I just don’t like a title challenger being so friendly with his opponent, it just doesn’t work as far as I’m concerned.

Well there’s a few issues to discuss, The Three Count will return next week. Till then bye and enjoy your wrestling.

Stephen Ashfield