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SCW Golden Harvest Update

Press Release:

Andy Hogg: The Waiting is Over

We recently reported that the hunt for an opponent for Andy Hogg had left us disappointed. The net was spread wide and far, but then a phone call came into the SCW Board and the match was made. As you will have heard, Karl Harker made it known that he wanted The Lowlanders and then made a stinging verbal attack upon Paul Parisio. From there, Parisio and Harker actually tagged together over the weekend…Parisio “taking” the loss…and Paul was quick on the phone and demand the match vrsus Andy Hogg. It’s not for us to read into things, but this announcement can’t leave Karl happy and even the weekend “reunion” looks like a clever ploy by Paul Parisio.

So, on April 17th, it will be ‘The Pigman’ Andy Hogg versus Paul ‘The Power’ Parisio in Andy Hogg’s first defence of the SCW King of Scotland Title. This match should be interesting, as both men know each other fairly well from their career in England and Paul will certainly see it as a chance to step up a level.

New Faces bring feud to Scotland

Whilst looking for an opponent for Andy Hogg, Kenny Morrison has been on the lookout for talent to bring into SCW and mix up the SCW product. Initially, Kenny was only going to be announcing one new name. At the SCW Board meeting, Kenny made the following announcement.

“I can announce that Lance Thunder has been signed to appear on the Golden Harvest 2004 show and we look forward to seeing what he brings to the table. As you’re aware, I’ve always sought to bring new and exciting names into SCW. From Cameron Knite, to Marco Di Fiore and others. Lance is the 3CW Trophy holder and is looking forward to his first match in SCW. I can also announce that word of this signing was obviously quick to spread round 3CW, as I received a phone call only minutes before this meeting began. On the phone was 3CW’s Ice XVII, his request was that he face Lance and continute the feud which has been developing. I was only too happy to allow this and made the match of Lance Thunder versus Ice XVII for April 17th.”

Other News

– The first week in the new Training Centre has gone very well for everyone at SCW. Saturday saw a fine turnout from the Young Lions, with everyone enjoying the new setup. Sunday and the midweek sessions saw 6 new trainees join the ranks of the Young Lions, the 6 included our first female trainee and we’d hope this is a sign that SCW can, one day, have a woman’s division just as impressive as the current roster. Pictures, plus a proper Training page should be up on the website shortly.

– Scottish Championship Wrestling will be sending a few workers down to 3CW on April 18th. This show will take place at the Ennis Square Social Club in Dormanstown, any SCW fans wanting to make the trip down should know that it’s a 4 hour drive from Glasgow, with Dormanstown being just outside of Middlesbrough. After Billy Grange’s appearance in NWA-UK Hammerlock and a scheduled appearance of SCW workers for MPW, I’m sure you’ll all agree it’s good to see SCW workers expanding their and the promotion’s good name.

– Word has reached the SCW Board that C4 has decided to give up wrestling. We can’t say anymore than that, but everyone at SCW would like to wish C4 all the best.