Indy Assortment - By Trinity

Indy Assortment #3

Well another article from the cynical American is here for all, filled with the usual titbits and all from a good majority of the Indies here in the U.S. But before all of that I really have wanted to get my full opinion of the Teddy Hart phenomenon off my chest, since his infamous little ROH work so here goes….

Teddy Hart, Jimmy Bailing, The Musical and More…

Well another article from the cynical American is here for all, filled with the usual titbits and all from a good majority of the Indies here in the U.S. But before all of that I really have wanted to get my full opinion of the Teddy Hart phenomenon off my chest, since his infamous little ROH work so here goes all.

Teddy Hart has probably been one of those personalities that I can honestly say has drawn enough attention that he brings interest to every fed that decides to book him. He’s got the Hart last name, he was part of the Calgary Stampede fed and he is a member of the New Hart Foundation with Jack Evans, TJ Wilson and his cousin Harry Smith, the son of the late British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith. You’d think that he’d probably hold the same ethics maybe that the older members of his family had. Nope, he chooses to get over by no-selling and creating one of the most over works with him and Steve Corino. Brilliantly done perhaps, but I doubt that all the trash talking he did towards guys like CM Punk and Samoa Joe did him any service. It got him a slap in the face and Samoa Joe writing in his live journal for January 27th, “In fact he has been careful to avoid out and out direct insults towards me which is appreciated. Regardless until you display a ounce of virtue, or GENUINE remorse, (not remorse to save you ass) you would be wise to stay the **** out of my eyesight and my name off your lips.” In a Q&A session Teddy replied to this simply by saying he doesn’t want a problem with Joe because he will destroy him.

One incident in November can make a wrestler I suppose. I have tried to get into him really. He’s beyond over in Philly, where he has become a part of the Combat Zone Wrestling roster much to my dislike, and so far has been willing to take the bumps ( in his first show he was power bombed by Zandig into a bed of nails) for the fed surprisingly. But as he has done this, he has gotten booked into Revolution Pro wrestling, based out of California. He double booked himself, in a very Sabu like manner. So for the fans that wanted to see him in So-Cal, they have to wait.

He is still continuing the use of the Internet as a way to promote himself, in a very Sapolsky/Feinstein way, from apologies to shoot fight challenges with CM Punk. He even has his own copycats, albeit a lame one in Zach Gowen. Teddy is going to have to watch out. In all of his outside activities, one might question his ring ability. All talk and no substance…. seems like he’s doing his best to get back into the WWE again. Teddy, just shut up and wrestle. All of this isn’t necessary if you are as good as you say you are.

Speaking of CZW, they happen to gain one wrestler back but lose two and a valet. This weekend they held their “In Da Club” and “Retribution” shows, both which saw the return of one half of the Backseat boys, in addition to the object of many ring rats lust and prepubescent dreams, Trent Acid. In his return they lose Z-Barr, probably one of their most loyal wrestlers of the past 5 years, who objected to having a man who left the fed with his tag partner Johnny Kashmere and then taking part in a shoot with Rob “I’m your local peado” Feinstein coming back and getting put in a main event program. Its great to stick with your guns but when your going to have a choice between Z-Barr and Trent Acid, a family relation of Zandig, who makes them a lot of money from the young girls, plus loads of closets that think Trent is just “one sexy little thing”, I really doubt Zandig is going to be crying tears of pain, just because of the personality he has. Z-Barr I hope you get a lot more bookings and continue on; but remember how five years of loyalty ended.

In addition to Z-Barr’s departure from CZW, Jimmy Jacobs and his valet/girlfriend Becky Bayless has left as well. This was stemming from an unplanned spot with another wrestler, Sabian who grabbed the behind of Becky. In the end, it turned into a gimmick for Sabian, and a feud as well, that has brought in Ruckus, Chris Cash, Sonjay and Joker as well. It was to continue until Becky turned on her beloved Jimmy for the Sabian and the rest of Blackout. That was part one, add into it an interview on where Sabian criticizes Jimmy. I am a fan of Jimmy, he is the min Jon Nord, but you need to grow a thicker skin. People are going to criticize you, storylines will sometimes hit close to home. You were in the wrong for your actions as much as Sabian is for his and Zandig for being the one dumb enough to reward unprofessional behaviour as well.

As for Becky, who honestly I idolize as the epitome of what a valet should be, you should’ve known better. You were an outsider in a fed known for not booking them regularly, in addition to being female. Coming from the female perspective, you were at a disadvantage. Nobody would talk to you? They saw you as just Jimmy’s g/f? Be it a bitch or what not I’d think you’d want to try to differentiate between Becky Bayless: The Girlfriend of Jimmy Jacobs and Becky Bayless: The Valet, The Wrestler. It may be just the opinion of some random person but it’s a lot easier to let people get you into places than it is for you to get yourself in there. And I believe that you have the charisma to get you far, hell look at all the internet boys that fantasize about you all the time, like my friend Nick, but that’s not the point.

Since I have mentioned the musical… I might as well go with it. This is the name of PWG‘s newest show, which holds a main event that personally I would walk to California to see American “the really pale” Dragon vs. Samoa “really scary” Joe. (Forgive the ad libs, just personal thoughts). Integration with musical theater will at least bode for some ingenious promos especially from Excalibur and Super Dragon. It’s a month away so it’s going to be interesting at least, and more than likely extremely extremely entertaining.

Extras and all

I am really happy that Chuck Liddell put Tito Ortiz on notice. KTFO, weren’t ye?

Tim Sylvia may have totally screwed his career up even more, with failed steroid tests. If he can get out of this he has Arvloski and Mir there to take him on.

Havana Pitbulls may be close to appearing in a ROH ring. Its funny, weren’t they the ones who said they wouldn’t be apart of ROH? Heh.

I loves me some Excalibur. UK fans that love Lucha style should seriously consider getting into So-Cal Wrestling.

I don’t do the WWE stuff, but I have to say, the Eugene gimmick insults me more than anything. As someone who works with that population, no matter how you try to slice it your are still making fun of those people, despite your comments of tastefulness. If your writers have to resort to that, you insult your fans by putting it on the air.

The Women of IWA have made women’s wrestling a lot more bearable in America. Thank you Mickie, Daizee Haze MsChif, Lacey, Rain, ODB, Allison Danger and Tracey Brooks for showing how women can wrestle in comparison to the women in the WWE.

That’s all for now, please feel free to email me about how I’m doing, what you thought and all that stuff.. I’ll probably be back with something soon, since the Jimmy Jacobs CZW departure has given me some things to look into.