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WWE: SmackDown Notes *spoilers*

– SmackDown is to debut a new character called “Mordecai”. Whilst I don’t know much about the character, most of the trustworthy websites are reporting that he will be played by OVW’s “Seven”, aka Kevin Fertig.

– Undertaker was again not part of the show. The general feeling is that he will be used as an attraction, rather than as a top star.

– Kurt Angle will indeed remain as General Manager on SmackDown, despite the angle shot on SmackDown with Big Show. Many suggested that Paul Heyman would return in the role, and one suspects that he may do in the near future, due to the so-called “failure” of Angle in the role (personally, I can’t see where he has gone wrong). But for now, Booker T will not become GM, and was simply played up for the crowd to send them home happy with the skit featuring John Cena.

– Just a brief note: Orlando Jordan has a new website. It is (thanks to PWInsider)