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UKPW In Holbury, Show Report.

Full report for UKPW in Holbury, New Forest – April 23rd

United Kingdom Pro Wrestling at the Waterside Theatre, Holbury, New Forest – April 23rd 2004

4 man tournament

First Round:

Kid Regis vs Ethan Hayze

Ethan Hayze was clearly fighting a losing battle from the very beginning. Not only did he enter the tournament with serious knee and back injuries but he also had to deal with Chris Wyld remaining at ringside for the whole of the contest. Ethan started strong, dominating Kid Regis with a number of slick holds and reversals. A plancha to the outside was soon followed by a series of suplexes which almost gave ‘The Heat’ an early victory. However, Regis frequently capitalised on Hayze’s injured back and gained some much needed respite by avoiding Hayze’s top rope swanton bomb. When Hayze attempted the swanton for a second time, Wyld interfered, shoving Ethan from the ropes and allowing Regis to hit a reverse ddt from the ropes to score an unpopular victory. Kid Regis advanced to the tournament final whilst Ethan Hayze was applauded for his gutsy performance.

First Round:

Mark Phillips vs Anton Green

Mark Phillips entered the ring full of confidence for his match with Anton Green. Phillips mocked his opponent’s short stature and considered ‘The Atomic Ant’ to be a push over. Phillips put his height and weight advantage to good use in the early going and even bloodied Green’s nose. Green rebounded with a flying shoulder block that sent Phillips to the outside. Anton gave chase and continued his offensive attack in front of the ringside fans. The momentum returned to Phillips’ favour and he managed to keep Green grounded for much of the contest. Phillips appeared ready to finish Green off with a top rope elbow but found nobody home on his descent. Green used this mistake to mount a comeback which saw him strike Phillips with several clotheslines, including one from the top rope. Green gained a near fall with a russian leg sweep and sensed that the time may be right to finish Phillips with the ace crusher. Phillips proved that he was still very much in the game by shoving his opponent chest first into the turnbuckles. As Phillips attempted to finish him with a unique piledriver variation, Green countered with a bulldog and followed up quickly with the ace crusher for the pinfall victory. As Green celebrated, Kid Regis and Chris Wyld approached the ring. Clearly intending to gain an advantage heading into the tournament final, Wyld and Regis circled Green. ‘The Atomic Ant’ struck first and attempted to battle off his two attackers. Wyld and Regis quickly gained the advantage and destroyed Green with power move after power move, culminating in a razor’s edge by Wyld. Green was helped backstage with both an injured neck and a score to settle with Wyld and Regis.

Sammy Ray vs Andy Simmonz

‘As seen on TV’ Sammy Ray entered the ring with Mark Phillips by his side and the RBW Welterweight title around his waist. Fortunately for Ray, the title wasn’t on the line as even the ringside distraction of Phillips couldn’t prevent Andy Simmonz from claiming an impressive win over the arrogant Superstar. The match was a constant back and forth struggle with Ray often retreating to converse with Phillips. Ray’s mind games were unable to distract Simmonz who thwarted Phillips’ attempted interference and pinned Ray with a running powerslam. As Simmonz was leaving the ringside area, he was attacked by Phillips. Simmonz was thrown back into the ring and battered by Ray and Phillips. As Simmonz was being doubleteamed, Ian Logan came out to assist his ‘Towel Boys’ partner and cleared the ring of his attackers.

Aaron Jason vs Marcus Hiscott

Aaron Jason and Marcus Hiscott shook hands at the start of the match and abided by the rules throughout their spirited contest. The two traded holds back and forth with Jason attempting to gain the advantage with his speed and quickness, executing a number of gravity defying dropkicks. ‘The Toad’ on the other hand, used his power advantage to stay one step ahead of his opponent, turning Jason inside out with a series of clotheslines. Hiscott would go onto victory in this match after hitting his opponent with the fame-asser. After the match, ‘Toad’ shook Aaron’s hand and commended him for a hard-fought match.

4 man tournament

Tournament Final:

Kid Regis vs Anton Green

‘The Atomic Ant’ was still feeling the effects of the earlier assault as he entered the ring for the tournament final. Chris Wyld took the ringside microphone and questioned whether Green would actually go through with the match. Green informed everyone that he wouldn’t back down and, after declaring that “It’s go time”, launched himself at Kid Regis. Regis would soon target the neck and hit a number of powerful blows that had Green in danger of losing on several occassions. Green refused to quit and fought back valiantly. Anton appeared on the verge of victory at one point as he signalled for the ace crusher but was distracted by Wyld jumping on the apron. Green levelled Wyld with a punch but turned into Regis who dropped him on his neck and scored the pinfall. Regis and Wyld celebrated with the trophy although Regis took offense when Wyld got a little to comfortable with Regis’ prize and shoved his partner away.

Chris Wyld vs Eamon O’Neil

Chris Wyld came out for this contest alone but eager to defeat Eamon O’Neil and add to what had already been a successful night for he and his partner. O’Neil and Wyld fought an extremely athletic battle with both men using their exceptional talent to try and put the other away. In this match, both athletes hit a plethora of high impact moves and scored near falls aplenty. The ending saw Wyld go all out for victory, hitting Eamon with a moonsault as O’Neil was standing in the middle of the ring. A series of slick reversals resulted in O’Neil hitting his slan abhaile finisher for a well deserved victory.

UKPW Rumble

Kid Regis refused to enter this match, stating that he had nothing left to prove after winning the tournament. His spot was filled by Ian Logan who had made his presence felt earlier in the night. The Rumble began with two of UKPW’s most popular Superstars, Andy Simmonz and Ethan Hayze, squaring off. Sammy Ray would be the third entrant but chose not to enter the ring. This prompted Simmonz to leap over the ropes and chase Ray into the ring. The referee was not aware that Simmonz had actually eliminated himself which resulted in Andy remaining an active participant until he was eliminated by Marcus Hiscott. The final two competitors were again two of the most popular Superstars as Hayze battled it out with Hiscott. After ‘The Heat’ was thrown towards the ropes, Kid Regis (who had accompanied Chris Wyld for the Rumble but stuck around after his elimination) reached out and grabbed Hayze’s arm. At this point, Hiscott shoved Hayze, seemingly unaware that he was being assisted by Regis. Ethan hit the floor and ‘The Toad’ was declared the winner. The controversial nature of this victory couldn’t take away from the fact that Marcus Hiscott, after coming close on previous occassions, had scored his biggest win to date and was congratulated in the ring by ‘The Heat’ as well as his Green Machine partner, Anton Green, as Marcus was exiting the ringside area.

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