Future-Shock By Scott Future

Future-Shock #12

A slightly different Future Shock, this week, as there are some random notes I wanted to speak on.

A slightly different Future Shock, this week, as there are some random notes I wanted to speak on.

Firstly here are some questions that have bugging me.  Answer in an email to please!

How many former WWE World Champions can you name that have been able to do the moonsault?

What does DDT stand for?

Are the WWE dropping roman numerals from the WrestleMania logo because the 30th pay per view would read WrestleMania XXX?

Some Random Notes:

A few people have whispered to me this week (and its now become a full blown internet issue) that X-Wrestling may be putting on the breaks and turning off the ignition long before they get to the finish line.  On a personal note I’m always disappointed when new promotions don’t get off of the ground, but with the experience I have of these things I know not to get ones hopes up until the actual show (not the hype) comes to its conclusion.

I was somewhat surprised at the lack of British names being considered for the show, and a little disturbed by the “releasing” of those few Brits.  As the UK Pit bulls correctly pointed out, how can you release people when they never signed contracts in the first place?

I had answered to a communication from X-Wrestling over a generic issue in a previous article, and was somewhat pleased by the enthusiasm and confidence of success.  Something tells me X-Wrestling is not dead and may be back in some other from in the future.  My advise would be to go the NCW route, and concentrate on delivering shows rather than hype.


Eric Priest, “The Underwear Model”, seems to be getting ever closer to getting a taste of the WWE spotlight.  I first met Eric in Reading for NCW, but we knew of each other through a mutual friend in the US before that date, and I had heard he was playing the waiting game for the WWE.

I mention Eric because I know he has been flown over to WWE events a number of times, only to have his match changed around or scrapped at the last minute.  Despite the disappointment, Eric has shown true professionalism, been patient, and with any luck will be rewarded in a big way by the powers at titan. Eric, you deserve it.


I had a blast in a recent match against Brett Summers for CWC Wrestling this month.  Scott Future went heel there for a moment! It was great to meet the CWC boys, and our falls-count-anywhere match was a hell raiser!


I was very pleased to hear that RBW’s Gerry Norton has been given the all clear form his heart problems and will not need surgery as originally thought. 


Scott Future