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This past week, British Championship Wrestling presented two fantastic shows held in Kilmarnock and East Kilbride, Scotland. Both shows were sell-outs with over 300 fans attending each.

Grand Hall, Kilmarnock – April 29

In the opening contest, long-time rivals Vinikama and Darkside faced off in a very fast-paced match with lots of high-impact and aerial manoevres executed during the bout, with Darkside dominating most of the match – the finish was inevitable when he drilled Vinikama with a Styles Clash

Darkside defeated Vinikama

The second contest featured an interpromotional battle between the ‘Flawless One’ Jay Phoenix (BCW) teaming with Carbon (wZw) facing Kid Fite (BCW) and Stevie Lynn (wZw). Great crowd heat for Phoenix throughout the match. Fans were thoroughly behind Lynn & Kid Fite throughout the match. Both teams started out relatively even before Phoenix and Carbon took charge on Lynn and began pumelling the wZw wrestler with some awesome moves including a top-rope German from Carbon. Kid Fite and Lynn both managed to comeback with plancha’s from the inside-out onto Phoenix and Carbon before the finish came with Lynn hitting a Fisherman Neckbreaker on Carbon. Phoenix tripping over the ropes, unable to break the count.<br />
Stevie Lynn & Kid Fite defeated Carbon & ‘Flawless One’ Jay Phoenix.

The next contest was for the BCW Cruiserweight Championship. Champion, Tex Benedict hailing from London, Arizona faced Red Lightning in a rematch from there last bout in December in the same arena. Red Lightning getting the crowd behind him throughout the match, Tex still managed to steal a win and retain his title belt.
*BCW Cruiserweight Championship

(Champion) Tex Benedict defeated Red Lightning

In the final contest before the interval, BCW Champion ‘Shining Light’ Stevie Knight was challenged for his title by ‘The Guv’nor’ Carl Conroy. Conroy entered to an array of boos strutting to the ring, also announced at 10 stone 3 pounds although clearly weighing somewhere around the 330-pound mark. Stevie Knight as always received a huge ovation, the match began with Conroy being able to resist most of Knight’s attempts at clotheslines and shoulder tackles. Knight eventually began to work over Conroy, slowly waring him down. Conroy used some cheap moves to gain control again before Knight planted him with a reverse DDT for the 3-count and to retain his Heavyweight Championship.
*BCW Heavyweight Championship

‘Shining Light’ Stevie Knight defeated ‘The Guv’nor’ Carl Conroy

After a 15-minute intermission, the show continued with a 5-team Battle Royal featuring Toki & Marco Italiano, Jay Phoenix & Carbon, Stevie Lynn & Kid Fite, T2K, Vinikama & Red Lightning. Vinikama & Red Lightning were quickly eliminated, with Phoenix slithering to the outside to prevent himself from being eliminated. However, Carbon was thrown out by Lynn, causing Phoenix to leave – also ending in himself and Vinikama confronting each other in the aisle before leaving. 4’8, 105-pound Toki was then launched over the top rope onto his partner – the final two teams fought for a few minutes before Kid Fite and Lynn were simultaneously thrown out by T2K members, Wolfgang and Darkside, Lynn took a horrible bump on a table outside the ring during his elimination. DOA appeared on stage at the end of the match – the challenge was made for the following evening: DOA v T2K

T2K wins the Tag Team Battle Royal