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New Wrestling School Set For Stoke!

A new wrestling school is set to open in Stoke on Trent soon – run by none other than Klondyke Kate!  Kate is a veteran to the UK scene and has wrestled both men and women over her years in the business.

The school will be partnered by Justin Starr and Phil Powers.

Kate had the following to say about the school:

“We are just in the process of planning our itinerary and getting guest trainers involved. We don’t want to take anyone’s money and teach them any old how.  We plan on teaching all styles and we all genuinely have an interest in turning out good wrestlers because we want to be able to proudly say yes we trained this guy/girl and be honestly proud that we have”.

The school is open to new comers as well as existing members of the business who would like further experience training wise.  If anyone is interested or wants further information then they can e-mail