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RBW Saturday in Nottingham, Card Details

Press Release

Revolution British Wrestling
Saturday 8th May 2004
Euro Sports Bar, 14-16 Bath Street, Sneinton, Nottingham

Saturday 8th May marks the first event to take place at the Euro Sports Bar in Nottingham. This is another venue that will hopefully see more wrestling action throughout the year, on top of the other venues that RBW use local to this.

A top bill will be presented, with the finals of the British Heavyweight Championship Tournament taking place, the highly-anticipated clash between James Mason and Alan Kilby. On top of that, we have four other bouts for you.

MAIN EVENT – Alan Kilby (Sheffield) (British Commonwealth Champion) vs James Mason (Formerly London, now Stoke-on-Trent)

The British Heavyweight Championship Final has finally arrived, and the highly anticipated bout is set to take place between the British Commonwealth Champion, Alan Kilby and the wrestler whom many have nicknamed “England’s Number One” James Mason.

It is hard to predict who holds the advantage in this contest, with both wrestlers having vastly different attributes to their name.

Alan Kilby without a doubt has more experience than James Mason, as he does against practically any other wrestler in the entire world, with his career spanning an incredible forty years. Kilby’s style is that of using his phenomenal strength to his advantage, which generally out-powers anyone else’s, grounding his opponents, and using various holds and submissions on them, wearing their defences down.

James Mason is arguably one of the UK’s top wrestlers. Mason has had thousands of contests, yet his career has lasted only a quarter of what Kilby’s has, so whilst experience is not on his side, his youth is, with Kilby entering sixty years of life. James Mason is known to adapt his style to combat all sorts of opponents, and is usually seen to be more than capable to wrestle in any position, commonly finishing opponents off with a top-rope crossbody block.

This contest has the potential to be the most intriguing contest ever in Revolution British Wrestling, and it is sure to be a classic bout in years to come. For whoever walks away with the Championship tonight, they can expect a lot of challengers for the rest of the year, with many wrestlers waiting for a Championship opportunity.

Sammy Ray (London) (British Welterweight Champion) vs Stixx (London) (British Tag Team Champion)

In catchweight competition, the ongoing feud between the Southern Alliance and Sammy Ray continues.

Sammy Ray has proved to be quite a thorn in the side of the Southern Alliance recently, with him being the wrestler to defeat “The Gift” Ross Jordan for the British Welterweight Championship back in late March.

A week later in Nottingham, Sammy Ray managed to pin Ross Jordan yet again, in three-way Championship action, also including “Silent Riot” Corey Davis. Later that evening, Stixx eliminated Sammy Ray from a heated ten-man tag team contest, following a brutal piledriver.

It was just a matter of a couple of weeks before Stixx and Sammy Ray would clash again, at the monthly event in Enfield, London/Middlesex. At the end of the Battle Royal, Stixx was eliminated by the debuting “Wildcat” Robbie Brookside. However, the referee did not see the elimination, nor Stixx re-enter the ring. Stixx then threw Brookside out of the ring, eliminating him. RBW management then reversed the decision, but later ruled it to be a no-contest due to the controversy surrounding the incident.

After the contest, Robbie Brookside along with Sammy Ray and Eamon O’Neil challenged Stixx, along with Chris Wyld and J.C Thunder for a six man tag team contest at the Enfield event on Saturday 19th June.

A match has been signed between Sammy Ray and Stixx, which will hopefully see some of their differences settled in the ring.

Johnny Midnight (Sheffield) vs Marc Mignot (France)

In international singles action, the impressive Johnny Midnight will take on the French arrogant star, Marc Mignot.

Johnny Midnight will be making his first RBW singles appearance, having previously wrestled several battle royals, along with competing in a three-way contest in Sheffield back in December 2003 against Tex Benedict and El Ligero and tag team action with Domino against Rich ‘n’ Famous and Tommy Johnson last month, also in Sheffield.

Marc Mignot has wrestled in singles action previously in Revolution British Wrestling, putting on a fine effort against Will Assault back in October 2003, which saw Assault narrowly defeating him.

Both wrestlers are looking to qualify for British Championship matches in their respective weight categories in the near future, and they both definitely have the talent to do this.

Unknown to some, these two grapplers have had dozens of matches against each other previously elsewhere in the United Kingdom, and are no strangers to each other to say the very least.

Expect a very competitive match-up between these two stars, and it will undoubtedly prove very interesting to see who will emerge winner at the end of the contest.

Keith Myatt (Stoke-on-Trent) and Shabbaz (Northampton) vs “MTX” Jem Brown (Northampton) and Rainz (Killamarsh)

Tag team action sees both teams being thrown into the deep end, with no one having teamed with each other before.

Keith Myatt, the RBW Nottingham Training Centre Head Trainer, looks eager to bounce back from an unsuccessful April, having lost to both Alan Kilby and “Wildcat” Robbie Brookside at two RBW events. The self proclaimed “twenty year mat veteran” is also on a collision course with Rainz, who his team will meet Rainz’s team on Saturday 29th May at the RBW Nottingham Trainee event.

Myatt will be teaming with Shabbaz, who will be making his full RBW debut. Shabbaz is a new competitor to British wrestling, and has already made his feelings known towards “MTX” Jem Brown in several singles contests around the UK.

The 6ft 6ins Rainz is looking to leave a mark on Keith Myatt in this tag team contest in preparation for their contest on Saturday 29th May. Rainz disposed of all opponents at a recent Battle Royal in Sheffield, and then made a marriage proposal to his girlfriend Jeanette, rounding off a highly successful evening for himself.

“MTX” Jem Brown will be making his return to RBW action, having not competed since January this year. A little known fact here is that it was actually “MTX” who defeated Keith Myatt back in March 2003 for the British Mid-Heavyweight Championship (currently held by Blondie Barratt).

Battle Gauntlet
Traditionally, the evening is set to be rounded off with an over-the-top rope Battle Gauntlet contest. This is set to star all of the wrestlers seen earlier on the event, as a few surprises, as well as some graduate RBW trainees from both London and Nottingham involved.
A full range of RBW merchandise will be available at this live event as well. Official video and DVD releases of previous RBW events from this year, as well as keyrings, posters etc.
Full Information
Date – Saturday 8th May 2004

Venue – Euro Sports Bar, 14-16 Bath Street, Sneinton, Nottingham

Times – Doors Open at 7.00pm. Event Begins at 7.45pm. Show Ends at 10.00pm.
Disabled Access – Yes.

Parking – Nearby.


Adults – £6.00
Concessions – £5.00
Family Ticket (2 Adults & 2 Children) – £20.00

Card Subject To Change