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Shitaba fights MMA In Brazil…

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New Japan’s Katsuyori Shibata decorated his MMA debut with a complete victory at “JUNGLE FIGHT II” tonight! Shibata faced Ice Man, who is affiliated with New Japan’s L.A. Dojo. Shibata caught Ice Man with some early jabs, and took him down quickly. Ice Man was able to stand, but Shibata took him down again, and applied a shoulder hold (arm triangle choke). He switched to a neck crank, and Ice Man tapped out. An easy win for Shibata, who has apparently pledged his future to Chono and will return to New Japan on the upcoming tour in triumph as part of Chono’s movement! Shibata was handed the New Japan lion flag after his win, and tore it in two, which may confirm his loyalty to Chono!

– Katsuyori Shibata (NJPW) beat Ice Man (R1 0:45) with a shoulder hold.