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Ideas fueling Smackdown!, Updates on DDP, Konan and Waltman being backstage at Judgment Day

If you are wondering where the “more 1980s” style of product on the Smackdown brand is coming from, it’s the baby of Bruce Prichard. Prichard is part of the Smackdown creative team and is largely an idea man for the brand (while David Lagana writes the actual show). Of late, he has come up with Undertaker doing short promos (like “Rest in Peace” at the PPV), Mordecai, etc. From what has been told, Prichard, who is very old school in his booking ideas, has been pitching the old school stuff to Vince McMahon, who has been eating it up. Since Vince is the guiding force and likes that kind of stuff, we can expect more of it.

To follow up on Konnan being at the PPV on Sunday, there was a lot of talk in the locker room that he was looking to get an announcing deal with the company. He is currently doing Spanish language broadcasting for NWA TNA and,  is believed to be under contract with them and would have to resolve his deal with them before he could go and work for WWE, if a position were offered.

As for other two notable names that were backstage at the PPV, Sean Waltman was seen talking to HHH for a while and Dallas Page was visiting with friends. While Page has said he wants to wrestle again, nothing has been heard of WWE considering bringing him back at this time.