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Kenzo Suzuki Profile

Robert takes a look at the latest superstar to join the WWE…Kenzo Suzuki.

Height: 6’3″

Weight: 260lbs

Date of Birth: 25/07/74

Place of Birth: Hekinan City, Aichi

Debut: 4th January, 2000 (vs. Manabu Nakanishi)

Trademark Moves: Backdrop suplex, Hagakure, Jumping knee attack and Spear


  • Young Lions Cup 2000: Kenzo Suzuki beat Shinya Makabe (15:08) with a backdrop suplex.

  • One Night Young Lion Tournament (2002): Kenzo Suzuki beat Hiroshi Tanahashi (12:41) with a backdrop suplex.

Suzuki started out playing rugby, becoming a major native star before joining New Japan, he represented his country and competed at club level in Great Britain. He was scouted by New Japan and initiated amidst much hype, in April 1999 and like most people with strong athletc backgrounds instantly billed as a future superstar before even debuting by the Japanese press.

After a few months on an overseas learning excursion, he had a much hyped match, his debut being at the Tokyo Dome on 1/4/00, facing Manabu Nakanishi, losing quickly to a Torture Rack. He then began young lion duties as any rookie star usually does but receiving a strong push, first he beat Shinya Makabe in the 2000 Young Lions Cup and then later on in 2002 a one night young lions tournement against later young generation leader, Hiroshi Tanahashi.

He was taken under the wing of Kensuke Sasaki forming a short lived group know as the King Of The Hills but this was disbanded after Sasaki got into contract troubles and fell out with bosses over the treatment of mentor Riki Chosu. Suzuki went on as a New Japan wrestler until Chosu announced the formation of his own federation involving Sasaki. Kenzo left to join his mentors and competed for a year under the banner of WLW until it collapse.

After burning his bridges with the NJPW office, Kenzo and his wife were offered a deal by the WWE and Kenzo seems set to make his his debut soon and already his wife has expressed an intrest in promoting him and the WWE in a playboy spread! Who knows what the future holds for Kenzo Suzuki?

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