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New Japan and WWE to link up?

In a press conferance today Director Uei let the Japanese pressin on a little secret… The possible alliance of New Japan and the WWE, not seen since the early 1990’s when All Japan, New Japan and WWE all ran a few joint shows at the Tokyo dome. This news was taken from

The two great super-powers of professional wrestling, New Japan and World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), could be at last set to tie up! Director Uei held confidential talks with former All Japan star, Johnny Ace (now WWE Vice President), while in America, and they went very well. The two discussed a possible relationship between the sides, despite their long-time rivalry over the world’s #1 pro wrestling organization spot. Uei said he hoped to dispatch some New Japan wrestlers to WWE soon, and get at least some in return to start the agreement (technically, Ultimo Dragon is a WWE wrestler, but is representing Toryumon Japan in New Japan). Weekly Fight recently reported that Tanahashi has been invited to work one of WWE’s Tokyo Nippon Budokan shows in July, which could be related, if true. More details should be revealed soon of this possibly huge story.

Uei rejected the criticism of ZERO-ONE, saying Wolf vs. Howard was a K-1 decision, not a New Japan one, and hence was not their matchmaking. Uei told ZERO-ONE to stop trying to force their principles on New Japan and hounding them for attention. Uei sounded angry, and hinted that ZERO-ONE had something to do with the removal of The Predator from “NEXESS”, more or less confirming that he was Tanahashi’s originally planned opponent.