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NWA-TNA PPV Results May 19th 2004

Jerry Lynn vs. Bobby Rude
The show started off with one of the two World X Cup preview matches of the night. Jerry Lynn came to the ring anxious to get his hands on Team Canada’s manager Scott D’Amore, but first he had to beat Bobby Rude in order to get his 5 minutes in the ring with the loudmouthed Canadian. It was all Jerry Lynn early on, with the captain of Team NWA getting the best of Rude. A very concerned D’Amore watched on as the X Division superstar was putting a beating on his guy.

As we expected, Scott D’Amore wasn’t going to just stand and watch and he continued to take cheap shot after cheap shot every chance he got on Jerry Lynn. Due to this interference, Lynn took his attention off of Bobby Rude and it cost him as the Team Canada member soon shifted the tide back to his advantage. Lynn almost got a pin fall later that D’Amore stopped by pulling the referee out of the ring. He then threw the infamous hockey stick to his partner Rude to get a shot on Lynn. Lynn grabbed the stick and got a good shot on Rude. He then dropped him to the canvas floor with a cradle pile driver which led to an eventual pin and victory.

While Jerry Lynn was catching his breath, Scott D’Amore seized the moment and began assaulting the tired victor. For the next 4 minutes, D’Amore was successful in keeping Lynn down and out, but eventually Jerry got up and started his offensive on D’Amore. Before he could do anymore damage, Team Canada came to the aid of their manager and started to team up on a defenseless Jerry Lynn. Team NWA came sprinting to the ring and ran off our neighbors from the North.

The cameras then shifted to the back where Scott Hudson was standing by with Vince Russo. Russo stated that if James Storm, Kid Kash, Dallas, Sabu, BG James, or Konnan got involved in the title match later in the night, they would be fired on the spot. He then let everyone know that AJ won’t have his protection tonight.

David Young vs. D-Ray 3000
After suffering his 38th consecutive loss this last weekend on explosion to newcomer D-Ray 3000, David Young came to the ring to prove that it was a fluke win and that it was a camera trick. D-Ray 3000 came to the ring hoping to pull off another upset win over the master of the spinebuster. David Young took the early offensive, eagerly trying to prove that he can win a match. About midway through the bout, Young spotted Pat Kenney in the crowd whipping the tar out of Glenn Gilberti and Johnny Swinger with a belt.

Unfortunately for Young, this distraction cost him the win as D-Ray rolled him up for the quick 3 count. Young was sitting there stunned. Not only did he suffer his 39th consecutive loss, the rookie from Detroit beat him again in front of thousands of viewers. The attack by Pat Kenney then spilled into the ring where he was doing more damage to the 2 male members of the NYC. Trinity jumped in to help out the boys and soon the numbers game got the best of Kenney. A confused David Young looked on from the corner of the ring as the NYC attempted to humiliate the Irishman again by sticking a bar of Irish Spring soap in his mouth. Security ran down to break up the action.

Attention shifted to the back again where Scott Hudson was standing by with Scott D’Amore and Team Canada. D’Amore told Lynn that he may have won the battle, but Team NWA lost the war.

Team Japan vs. Team Mexico
The second World X Cup preview match of the night pitted defending America’s X Cup Champions against Team Japan. With the World X Cup just 7days away, Team Mexico wanted to show they where ready for the big night by going to work on the boys from the land of the rising sun. This was another high flying, risk taking, X style match that saw both teams pull off some amazing moves. In the end, the team from the AAA promotion pulled out the victory and seemingly the momentum going into next week’s big event.

Goldylocks and Abyss then came to ringside and caught up with Mike Tenay and Don West. Goldylocks was screaming to find Erik Watts. She didn’t have to look too far as Erik Watts came through the crowd with a bat, which he used to smash over Abyss. Watts then attempted to go after his former girlfriend, but was cut off by Abyss who slammed a steel chair against Watt’s back. Just when it seemed the 6’8” 350 monster was going to have his way, Watts nailed him with the steel chair and his bat. Watts got the last laugh tonight as he cleared the ring.

Sonjay Dutt vs. Amazing Red
It was now time for match 3 between the Amazing Red and Sonjay Dutt, with the winner going on to get a title shot against Frankie Kazarian in two weeks for the X Division Title. The series was even at 1-1 with Dutt winning the first match and Red evening the score last week. For the 3rd week in a row, Kazarian came out to watch, but instead of watching from the ramp, he got a little better view this time and joined Tenay and West at the broadcast table.

The match was off the hook! Both men came in this match with great intensity. They matched each other move for move with each competitor scoring many near pin falls. In the end, Amazing Red hit his Red Alert and dropped Dutt on his head for the win. Kazarian came into the ring to hoist up Red’s hand in victory, but Red wasn’t buying it and drop kicked the champ out of the ring and onto the concrete floor. Is this a sign of things to come?

Back in the locker room area, Scott Hudson was standing by with Cowboy James Storm and The American Dream, Dusty Rhodes. Storm told Kash and Dallas that he was sorry about their luck tonight. Rhodes went on to state that he made the Bunkhouse Brawl famous in the NWA and that there was a storm coming and Dusty Rhodes is coming with it!

“The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes & James Storm vs. Kid Kash and Dallas
The current NWA Tag Team Champions, Kid Kash and Dallas made their way to the ring first, hoping to prove that they are the best tag team in the history of TNA. A cocky Kid Kash wanted to start this match off with Dusty Rhodes as he was pointing toward the American Dream in the corner. Storm had no problem with that and tagged in his partner. The two circled each other in the ring a while until Kash got a couple quick shots in on the former NWA World Heavyweight Champion. All it took was one bionic elbow from Rhodes to send Kash squealing to his corner for a tag.

Kash and Dallas did shift the momentum in the match by working on the leg of James Storm. They took off his boot to do even more damage, but the AMW member stayed in the fight. The end came when Dusty Rhodes took off his own boot and threw it in to his partner Storm. James Storm quickly put it on and used it to superkick Dallas right in the grill. After that, it was all said and done as Storm and Rhodes pulled off the victory.

In the back, Scott Hudson was standing by with the Alpha Male, Monty Brown. Brown said that he had his eyes on the Deadly Draw match tonight, which was taking place on his hunting ground.

Back in the ring area by the broadcast booth, Team NWA came out to join Tenay and West. “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels took the microphone and said that when it comes to the X Division, Team NWA invented it and they perfected it. He then let the crowd know that they would come out victorious at the World X Cup.

Scott Hudson was then standing by with BG James and Konnan of the 3 Live Kru. Konnan proclaimed that he knows it was Vince Russo who had him jumped last week and that got James hurt. B Gizzle added that Vince Russo is not above the law. He then stated that this might be the night that 3 Live Kru gets even with Russo.

AJ Styles vs. Wildcat Chris Harris vs. The Truth Ron Killings vs. Raven
It was now time for the 4 Way Deadly Draw Match. This was going to be AJ Styles 5th title match in 5 weeks. Could his streak of defending the title successfully continue for the 4th week in a row? Things got underway quick as Styles was the first man in, followed by Wildcat Chris Harris. Harris wasted no time as he speared the champ in the opening seconds of the match. With each wrestler unable to get a pin in 5 minutes, Raven entered and went right to work on both Styles and Harris.

Then the other 5 minutes were up and the Truth came down to the ring and cleaned house. All of a sudden, Jeff Jarrett made his return with guitar in hand. He took the guitar and smashed it right over AJ Styles head. With blood pouring from the face of Styles, The Truth took the advantage and connected with a scissors kick from the top rope. He then got the 123 and was declared the NEW NWA World Heavyweight Champion! Russo ran to the ring, but told the referees and the TNA officials that the decision stands. “The Truth” Ron Killings is the 2 time NWA World Heavyweight Champion. Afterwards, Jarrett told Killings that he wants his rematch as the show went off the air. Will Jeff Jarrett get his title shot? How will AJ Styles react to all of this? Will Raven ever meet his destiny? Find out the answers to all these in the coming weeks on TNA PPV!