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RAW and Smackdown! Previews

RAW 24/05/04 Preview
May 24, 2004

Last week’s Monday Night RAW was a memorable one for Kane. The Big Red Monster defeated Val Venis in singles competition, won a Battle Royal to become the No. 1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship at Bad Blood and received an answer of “yes” from Lita to a question he posed several weeks ago. With Kane in top form after last week’s success, what is next for him as he prepares for his match at Bad Blood? Also, will his question to Lita be revealed? Find out on RAW.

Speaking of the Battle Royal, Kane’s victory was a result of the suspended Shawn Michaels gaining a measure of payback from Triple H. When the final two were Triple H and Kane, HBK appeared out of nowhere to eliminate The Game and give Kane a trip to Bad Blood. The Game was enraged as RAW came to an end, and it is expected that he will be in a bad way this coming week on RAW. What will his reaction be? Find out on RAW.

All of this and more as the road to Bad Blood continues on Monday Night RAW at 9/8 PM CT on Spike TV.

Smackdown! 27/05/04 Preview
May 27, 2004

Since arriving on the SmackDown! scene, the “French Phenom” Rene Dupree has been involved in a bitter rivalry with United States Champion John Cena. As a result, Dupree has been awarded several shots at the U.S. Championship. However, the Frenchman has yet to capitalize on them. Most recently, Dupree defeated Cena via count out, which does not entitle him to claim the red, white and blue belt. This week, however, count outs will be nearly impossible, as the young Rene Dupree challenges John Cena for the United States Championship under Lumberjack Match rules.

A match of this type requires many SmackDown! Superstars to be ringside. Should one of the competitors find himself on the outside of the ring, it is the surrounding Superstars’ job to throw him back in. Don’t be surprised if Dupree and Cena aren’t the only ones battling on Thursday night. When a large number of SmackDown! Superstars occupy such a small area of space, emotions usually tend to overflow. Look for this one to be wild.

Also, the condition of Eddie Guerrero has been on the mind of all his faithful fans. The last time we saw the WWE Champion, he had collapsed in the middle of the ring on SmackDown! What is Guerrero’s condition? Will be able to recover from the physical toll his body has paid as of late? Find out this week on SmackDown! on UPN at 8/7 CT.