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Kenzo & Hiroko Suzuki’s WWE Meeting, Hirohito, Playboy; More

Hiroko Suzuki recently did an interview in Japan where she announced her WWE signing, as well as the details of how it went down.

She stated that she went to a meeting with Vince McMahon where he laid down the Hirohito gimmick and the ring costume for Kenzo Suzuki.  Hiroko said that she let Vince know all of the problems with the gimmick, and everything that the Japanese would dislike and discredit about it.

Kenzo doesn’t speak English, so Hiroko was his translator for conversation between Vince and Kenzo.  She apparently refused to allow Kenzo to use the gimmick because of what it meant culturally in Japan.

WWE Management was said to be very shocked that Hiroko was so strong about the subject and the problems with the gimmick, and Vince ended up offering her a job as a ring attendant for Kenzo, mainly so that she can travel with him and be his interpreter.

Hirohito was slated to be in RAW’s second biggest program this summer, but that will no longer happen.  Also, Hiroko has been in talks recently about doing a Playboy photo shoot.