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NWA (UK) Hammerlock Summer Camp 2004

Press Release:

As always the annual summer camp is gathering its usual momentum so you would be advised to consider taking action now if you wish to attend and have not as yet booked, a reminder of the details can be found below, thank you.


This will be the 10th annual Hammerlock summer camp, due to the ever growing popularity of our summer camps and the anticipated attendance that is likely for the summer camp in 2004 we have decided that this year we will hold the summer camp at the St Mary’s Bay venue again which is much larger than our regular venue, by doing so there are advantages for all parties concerned, For example:

There is separate male and female dormitory accommodation with beds for up to sixty trainees, as such we will be able to run the summer camp over one week period as opposed to the regular two weeks whilst having more space for all activities than previous years.

Coaches and instructors will stay on site in their own private rooms.

In addition to the regular facilities offered such as a wrestling rings, TV/DVD/video room, supplex dummies etc there is also a very large matted training area, large kitchen and canteen area where it will be possible to purchase breakfast, dinner and an evening meal, there are several lecture rooms, a large field for outside activities, a nearby beach, parking right outside of dormitories, many male and female toilets and showers.

This extra space enables us to be able to cope with the high demand for places, there is far more space available than normal so there will be many obvious benefits for the trainee’s.

We are very pleased that due to the above mentioned changes to the summer camp we can make it far more fun whilst at the same making it far more productive than ever for the trainees.

The venue for this year’s summer camp is:

The Army Cadet Centre, Jefferstone Lane St Mary’s Bay, Romney Marsh, Kent.

The dates are as follows:

Sunday the 8th until Saturday the 14th of August 2004

The course is recognised, insured and approved by the International Budo Federation, The main coach for the course will be Andre Baker who is a fully qualified, registered and insured I.B.F coach with many years of varied wrestling and martial arts experience, he is also fully qualified by the N.A.B.B.A as a body building instructor. Andre will be assisted by various experienced and prominent members of the NWA-UK Hammerlock team such as the likes of former NWA United Kingdom heavyweight champion “Vigilante” Johnny Moss, Jon Ryan and many more all of whom will be fully qualified, registered and insured with I.B.F.

During the course we mainly cover Professional wrestling although we can cover various other styles of wrestling and Martial Arts if required.

We will as always be on the look out to develop potential new talent from the trainee’s in attendance at the camp, we can also offer to anyone interested a ring wrestling grading with I.B.F approved syllabus at the end of the week.

We hold many live wrestling events and we are hoping it may be possible to hold a live event at a venue very close to the summer camp during the same period as the camp takes place with the aim being to include some of the new trainee’s from the camp in an over the top rope rumble event at a potential live event.

Starting trainee’s on live events is something we have been able to do on some of our camps in the past, please bear in mind that some very good talent has discovered on some of our previous summer camps, for example Johnny Moss who is now making a great name for himself both here and in America.

We hope as usual to have a surprise guest or two, at previous years camps these guests have included Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Sky TV’s NFL presenter Nick Halling & former Mr Universe Shaun Davis to name but a few.

For further details please either e-mail us at:

or send a stamped self addresses envelope to:

NWA-UK Hammerlock Wrestling
P.O.Box 282
Kent TN23 7ZZ