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NJPW Best Of The Super Jr update…

So far the returning legend Ultimo Dragon has dominated Group B, he’s defeated the 4 men put in his way so far, Tiger, Nakajima, Romero and Garuda… But he has still to face the IWGP Jr champion Heat and the former champ Naruse.

In block A its all pretty even but Liger did fall in a shock quick loss to Ryusuke Taguchi, the Jr supernova pinning the legend with a dropkick after 45 secs! Last years winner Kakihara remains undefeated after his return from injury and AmDragon and Kanemoto two pre-tournement picks of many are still in the chasing pack too…

The complete standings as of 30/5/04 are as follows… they will be updated soon.

Block A:
1. Masahito Kakihara [4]
2. American Dragon [4]
3. Koji Kanemoto [4]
8. Jushin Thunder Liger [4]
4. Wataru Inoue [2]
5. Ryusuke Taguchi [2]
6. Big Boss MA-G-MA [2]
7. El Samurai [2]

Block B:
1. Ultimo Dragon [8]
2. Tiger Mask [6]
3. Heat [6]
4. Masayuki Naruse [4]
5. Curry Man [1]
6. Garuda [1]
7. Rocky Romero [0]
8. Katsuhiko Nakajima [0]