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FCW Baggeridge Results – 30/05/05

Future Championship Wrestling results
Sunday 30th May

Attendance – 117

British Born Steele defeated Damien Grant

Over the history of FCW, The British Connection having been battling Devils Advocate. Here we saw a member of both teams going at it. BB Steele has been forced into singles action for the forseeable future due to GBH being attacked at Digbeth earlier in the month by the Advocate. BB Steele fared well though and came through the test by getting the 1-2-3.

Spud defeated Rob Hunter

Once again these 2 collided. Over the past couple of years these pair have had long running feud. Up and down the country they have fought picking up numerous “MOTN” tags along the way. Tonight was Spuds night after hitting a “code red” off the second rope for the win.

3 Way Dance – The Judge defeated ‘Mr Bad Attitude’ Saul Adams and Jack Storm

Last month at Baggeridge all 3 members were in there respective tag teams when they battled in a tag team 3 way dance. Tonight was a continuation of that battle. Great 3 Way spots here which even saw Mr Bad Attitude hitting the “Attitude Adjustment” on the 17 stone Judge.

The Bouncer defeated Morales

After Morales lost this hard fought battle he was beaten down by Bouncer. Spud ran out to stop the carnage, but Morales totally lost his cool and pushed away Spud. Morales even got booed by the fans.

Cameron Knight & Brandon Thomas defeated ‘Tomcat’ Kevin O’Neil & A-Star Athlete

At the last Baggeridge show, Cameron was defeated by A-Star Athlete. At Sedgley a couple of weeks ago O’Neil bested Brandon Thomas. So tonight it was time for a tag match. Finish came as Cameron did a swanton bomb on both A-Star and O’Neil and pinned them both.

Mark Hogan defeated Dragon Phoenix

A rematch from the Baggeridge show back in March. Last time its was Dragon who picked up the win. Tonight though, Hogan’s 4 stone weight advantage was too much for the smaller Phoenix.

FCW Title Match – Celt Kennedy defeated Laken Xander by DQ to retain title

Just as Laken had Celt beaten, 4Play came to ringside and attacked the prone Xander. Spud came out but fared no better as 4Play destroyed him. Then Morales arrived weilding a steel chair, just as it looked as though he was gonna attack Spud with the chair he nailed 4Play.

Laken then challenged all 4 members of 4Play to a handicap match next month at Baggeridge. 4Play accepted.

Baggeridge Social Welfare Centre
Sunday June 27th

Handicap Match –
Rob Hunter, Celt Kennedy, A-Star Athlete and Kevin O’Neil
Laken Xander, Spud and Morales