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ECW Update, Rock/Hurricane News, New WWE DVD; More

The Rock and Hurricane will be on’s Byte This this Thursday.

A few sources are saying that WWE shot down the idea of interviewing people from outside the company for their upcoming “Rise and Fall of ECW” DVD.  With the way ECW was portrayed during the Eddie Guerrero special on UPN, it is questionable how the finished DVD will come off.  At this time there are many under WWE contract who would be able to give excellent perspectives on ECW, though it is not known whether the DVD will be straight to the point or padded with WWE’s type of “view” on things.

Speaking of DVDs, WWE will be releasing a DVD called “History of the Championship” in late 2004.  The planned release date is 12/31/04, though that is not set in stone as of right now, as this particular title had been planned a while back but had been postponed and is now back on again.