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TNA News: Ultimate Warrior, Sean O’Haire, Styles Upset; More

There is a rumor going around from TNA officials that Ultimate Warrior actually called up the company looking for work.  No word right now on whether he will be used or not.

Ron Killings didn’t know he was going to win the NWA Title until the day of the show.  He was said to have been frustrated once everyone warned him that they expect Jarrett to win the title back before Impact debuts on Fox Sports Net.

AJ Styles was upset with Jeff Jarett from the cut he received from Jarrett’s guitar shot.  Styles calmed down quickly, though many wrestlers have pointed out that Jarrett has a history of being reckless with guitar and chair shots.  An example that many wrestlers recalled was when Jarrett split open D-Lo Brown’s head on a TNA PPV.

From what I’ve been told, TNA officials have very little interest in using Sean O’Haire.