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Angle’s neck surgery update, WWE possibly removing the Cruiserweight Division

Apparently no one backstage at WWE knows when Kurt Angle is going to have his third neck surgery. There is some feeling that it is a strange situation, since Angle had recently talked about the surgery as if it were coming up soon but it doesn’t seem as though there is any type of plan to get the procedure done soon.

There has been a lot of talk backstage, mainly stemming from Bruce Pritchard, about removing the cruiserweight division on Smackdown which would cause everyone to compete in the same division. Many feel that if this is done, most of the smaller talent would be buried in a sense, as the current division is used to showcase that talent. If the divisions were combined, the cruiserweights could get easily lost in the shuffle, which is the standpoint of many backstage including Dean Malenko who has even notified some of the cruiserweight wrestlers about Pritchard’s thoughts.