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Hogan finished with WWE & WWE/Sting update

Vince McMahon was on “Off The Record” in Canada the other night, and the following are a few key points that he brought up during the interview:

Vince said that Hulk Hogan is officially done with the active WWE roster. He said that once in a while Hogan may come in for the “odd pop” but “for the most part” Hogan is done with WWE. The reason for this, according to Vince, is that the investment isn’t worth it on Hogan anymore. The Mr. McMahon character is no longer on TV for the same reason, because Vince feels as though it is not worth the investment at this point in time. Vince said that he would rather invest in young talent.

During the “name game” when asked about Sting, Vince replied that he does not know him, and he doubts that he will come in to WWE due to the investment factor that he had earlier talked about regarding Hulk Hogan and the Mr. McMahon character. Take that for what it’s worth.