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TAP: Midsummer’s Nightmare Show in Loughborough – 18th June

Press Release:

TAP returns to Loughborough on Friday 18 June at 19:30 with another action packed evening of professional wrestling for all the family! Tickets are priced £5.00 for adults and £3.00 for children at the Charnwood Club (formally the Shelthorpe Social Club), Shelthorpe Avenue, Loughborough.

Falcon vs. Snake (Guest Referee: Jack Storm)

The fans refused to stop cheering for Jack Storm at Spring Showdown, so Jack Storm said he would not wrestle for them again, he will don the stripes as Falcon takes on Snake. Falcon is a former Junior Heavyweight Champion and has featured in some of the most exciting matches in TAP against Spud and others. This is the first time Snake will be in a TAP ring without his regular tag team partner ‘The Sick Shooter’ Simon Hull, although his impressive arsenal of moves and aggressive approach will mean the cocky Falcon will need to watch out.

Adam Thorn vs. Simon Cann

Thorn has held the TAP Heavyweight Championship twice previously and goes toe to toe with the current TAP Junior Heavyweight Champion and Fan Club member, as Adam Thorn continues his road to Jamie James and a possible title shot. Thorn has previously dispatched of fellow Fan Club member Jack London and will only be given a match with The Fan Club leader Jamie James if he can beat the rest of The Fan Club. Thorn has a tough task as he faces the man that beat SpUd and also won the TAP Tag Team Trophy Tournament last August with Jack London.

Spindoctor vs. Jack London

Two fine mat wrestlers will meet as The Spindoctor and Jack London lock horns in what should be a fine wrestling exhibition. The Spindoctor, who lost his TAP UK Championship to Jack London’s fellow Fan Club member Steve Stryka at Spring Showdown. London, is now the only Fan Club member not to hold a singles championship and will be looking for a strong showing in order to progress up the rankings.

Jason Detroit vs. The Judge


These two were part of a highly competitive tag team clash at the last TAP event and Jason Detroit was on the winning side that night. This time there is much more at stake as one of the most hated TAP wrestlers The Judge will battle the hometown hero, whose friends and family will be watching on as Detroit tries to finally shut The Judge up, whose vicious attacks on wrestlers and referees over the last few shows has made him the focus of Detroit’s attention.

MTX vs. Nathaniel Creed vs. Simon Hull

Simon Hull left the last show in an ambulance after being knocked out cold from a Nathaniel Creed chokeslam. Creed who has set his sights on the TAP Heavyweight Championship. Creed and MTX needed to be separated by the entire TAP locker room after they previous met in the ring, three genuine heavyweights each with their own devastating trademark maneuvers and equally affective styles will do battle.

SpUd & El Ligero vs. Steve Stryka & Rob Hunter

Many are saying that on paper this one will be the show stealer with some of the best Junior Heavyweights in the country will be ready to fly. El Ligero returns from injury to team with former TAP Junior Heavyweight and Loughborough’s new cult hero SpUd against the TAP UK Champion Steve Stryka and ‘The Sensation of the Nation’ Rob Hunter. Stryka joined The Fan Club at Spring Showdown and has done one hell of a deal bringing Rob Hunter back into action, he has not wrestled in TAP for 10 months.

Jamie James (Champion) vs. Chris Botherway

The leader of The Fan Club and ultra arrogant Jamie James will make his very first TAP Heavyweight Championship title defense as he takes on Chris Botherway who he previously beat at Spring Showdown and before that at Summer Nexus last August in a Handicap match. Botherway and James opened the last show in what has been described as a ‘brutal’ contest due to the kicks and forearms that left both wrestlers black and blue. Botherway moves up into the Heavyweight ranks for this contest but will remember that Jamie James was able to get a clean win at Spring Showdown as he dodged Botherway’s elbow from the top rope and locked him in an STF. In the past Jamie James has relied on his Fan Club members to help him out when things get tough and Botherway will have to keep one eye on ringside throughout this contest.

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