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Planned Vengeance main event plus Eddie Guerrero, Heyman and Dudley Boyz news

The plan right now is for Edge to take on Chris Benoit at the Vengeance PPV, which due to the new schedule, will be a RAW broadcast this year.

At this point, neither HHH or Shawn Michaels is confirmed for the show. HHH is expected to be filming a movie and HBK is expected to get time off to be with his wife, who is pregnant. Plans do change, and one of them may end up working the show, but at this point, it’s not scheduled.

Originally, it was expected that Hirohito would be taking on Benoit at the PPV for the title, but WWE nixed that idea and will be bringing Kenzo to SmackDown! instead.

Eddie Guerrero has been suffering from a mild case of anemia, which is most likely related to the massive loss of blood in his match at Judgment Day with John Bradshw Layfield.

Paul Heyman’s girlfriend gave birth last week to their second child.

The Dudley Boyz will be sporting new ring attire within the next few weeks.