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Full FWA Carpe Dieme Show Preview

FWA Carpe Dieme – Brent – June 18th.

James Tighe v Low-Ki
After defeating Johnny Storm in a loser-leaves-the-FWA match at Morecambe to end his months-long losing streak, James Tighe will go head to head with one of the hardest-hitting names in the U.S. today – Low-Ki. Tighe will be looking to gains some momentum on the back of his recent victory, and Low-Ki will be looking to further cement his reputation as an international superstar. This match promises to be off the chart in terms of stiffness and pure athletic prowess. Will James be able to hold his own against one of the best in the US today?

World of Sport Guest Match:
Steve Gray v Mal Sanders
Riding the wave of nostalgia brought about by the success of ‘The Wrestling Channel’, the FWA are hosting a guest match between two of the all-time greats. Steve Gray and Mal Sanders were household names back in the 1980s, and at Carpe Diem they will be showing what they’ve got to a whole new generation of British wrestling fans.

Aviv Mayaan v Mark Sloan
The student v. the teacher. The last time this match was scheduled to take place it was halted by the surprise return of Steve Corino to the FWA. At Carpe Diem we’ll finally get to see the match take place without interruption. Mark Sloan is one of the most technically sound veterans on the FWA roster, and Mayaan is one of the most promising high-flying young rookies. When these two collide we will find out once and for all if the student can beat his master.

Nikita will face the person who has placed a £10,000 bounty on her head
For over 8 months, the beautiful Nikita has been living in the fear that her next match might be her last. Just before British Uprising 2 last year, an anonymous email was sent to the FWA Management team. The author of the email felt that Nikita was not worthy of her spot in the FWA, and was depriving real talent the chance to shine. They promised to pay out £10,000 to the person who could take Nikita out of wrestling for good. Several have tried, unsuccessfully, to capture the bounty, so at Carpe Diem the mysterious figure will reveal themselves and face Nikita head-on.

Who will this person be? What will they do when they finally approach Nikita? And how will Nikita deal with coming face-to-face with the person who has tried to take her out of wrestling for ever? There’s only one way to find out!

Burchill v a Member of Hampton Court
Burchill will face a member of Hampton Court in a singles match to determine the number-one contenders to the FWA Tag-Team titles. Simmons & Burchill won a match to become the number-one contenders at New Frontiers, but are unwilling to team with each other again, for obvious reasons! Hampton Court have not yet decided who will represent them in this match – but are they fighting over who will face Burchill, or over who can offer support from the sidelines?

Flash Barker’s Retirement Ceremony
After a recurring knee injury forced Flash into early retirement, FWA Management have decided to host a special retirement ceremony for one of the most beloved members of the FWA roster. Friends, family and co-workers will be lining up to pay tribute to Barker in what is sure to be an emotional and heartfelt occasion.

Alex Shane & Hade Vansen v Jack Xavier & Steve Corino
The history between all four of these men is intense and long-running. Shane’s problems with both Corino and Xavier have been well-documented in recent months since New Frontiers. Since revealing Vansen as his own personal protégé, the two have run roughshod over the promotion, treating it as their own personal playground. However, Xavier has recently had a great run of form, and seems to have recaptured the fighting spirit that brought him to such great success over the last year. Corino’s issues with Shane are of a largely personal nature. When the four meet up at Carpe Diem, we can expect a tag-team match of epic proportions.

Zebra Kid v Doug Williams
Zebra Kid was the longest ever reigning All-England Champion before he lost the belt under somewhat dubious circumstances in the controversial ladder match at Crunch. Over the 18 month period that he held the belt, he showed himself to be one of the most complete wrestlers on the FWA roster, and also one of the most popular. Although he has made it clear that he has not finished with Hade Vansen, FWA Management have decided to reward the Zebra Kid with a title shot against the current British Heavyweight Champion, ‘The Anarchist’ Doug Williams. Williams will be fresh off a successful tour of Japan, and the two are bound to have an awesome contest in this best-of-three falls match.

Remember the only way to be there obviously is to see it live June 18th at the Brent Town Hall!

Get your tickets by either

Calling the Box Office at:0208 937 6206

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Ringside Gold (1st Row) £35
2nd Row £25
3rd & 4th Row £20
5th & 6th Row £15
7th, 8th, 9th & 10th Row £10.