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T3C: FWA Carpe Diem 2004 Preview

Another big event for the FWA this weekend as Carpe Diem takes place at the Brent Town Hall in Wembley, London this Friday. It’s an action packed card and as you’ll discover in this preview, there are plenty of questions to be answered…

Questions Questions Questions!

Another big event for the FWA this weekend as Carpe Diem takes place at the Brent Town Hall in Wembley, London this Friday. It’s an action packed card and as you’ll discover in this preview, there are plenty of questions to be answered.

FWA British Heavyweight Title
Doug Williams v The Zebra Kid

Doug comes into this match carrying an injury and it’s a best of one fall match. Now the Zebra Kid has got this title chance in strange circumstances. He was due to be tagging with Jack Xavier against STD: Shane’s Total Domination (or will the crowd be chanting ‘Shane, Total Dickhead.’) Alex Shane and All-England Champion Hade Vansen. Then Professor Shane spent the night looking at his history books and discovered that in FWA History, The Zebra Kid isn’t just the longest reigning All-England Champ but he’d never been given a shot at the FWA Title. Now he does, but of course it means he can’t be in the tag match.

I’ve written before about the lack of British opponents and a proper long-running feud over the companies top title and that could be about to change. Is there more to the fact the Zebra Kid is challenging for the title this weekend? Could Shane and Vansen interfere? Could The Family still be looking for a new member of their team?

Despite Doug’s injury this should still be a great match. Who’s going to win? You know what, predictions in FWA are a lot harder than WWE! I’m not too sure but I have a feeling the Zebra Kid might just end up champ by the end of the night.

Tag Team Challenge
Jack Xavier/Steve Corino v STD: Alex Shane/Hade Vansen

Now this should be a really tough, hardcore tag match. Feuds all round here, Xavier has met and been beaten twice by Shane at New Frontiers and Crunch. In the latter of those matches it was Vansen who cost Xavier the chance of victory. The pair are scheduled to meet in a Falls Count Anywhere match next week if they survive this battle. Xavier doesn’t just want revenge on Vansen for what he did at Crunch, he wants a shot at the All-England Title belt too.

And then there was Steve Corino. After Shane managed to get the Zebra Kid out of this match he must have been really surprised when Xavier announced that his new tag partner would be Steve Corino. The American hates Shane with a passion and a singles match between the two is one of the most anticipated battles in the FWA. Corino wanted to represent FWA against ROH at last years Frontiers of Honor event, Shane refused and war has broken out ever since. That erupted at New Frontiers when Corino appeared out of nowhere. Later that evening Shane cost Corino his chance to take the FWA Title off Doug Williams. Now he’s back and he ain’t here for the sightseeing Alex!

Prediction? I see STD getting a tainted victory

Low-Ki v James Tighe

It’s been a tough year so far for James Tighe with a series of high profile losses. But recently he beat Jonny Storm in a Loser leaves the FWA match and he could be on his way back to the top. He’ll need to be on top form tonight as he meets top American Indie wrestler, Low-Ki in a match that could be one of the best of the evening. Low-Ki hasn’t been seen in the FWA since his draw with Flash Barker last year. A repeat of that kind of match would be enough to send the fans home happy. I see Tighe getting his momentum back with a good hard-fought win.

Nikita’s Bounty

So here’s the story so far. Someone has £10,000 to spend, and what do they want for their money? Simple, they want Nikita out of the FWA. So far no one has managed to get their hands on the money especially Mark Sloan and Stevie Knight. Both have denied being the bounty hunter but whoever it is will be at Carpe Diem on Friday. So who is it? Could it be her boyfriend, Alex Shane? The Family? Dino Scarlo? The Duke of Danger? I’m not sure and that’s a good thing!

Burchill v?

Another match with a question mark hanging over it? This all revolves around the tag title situation. At New Frontiers, someone attacked the Duke of Danger, Burchill stepped in and tagged with Simmons to become Number one challengers to The Family. But neither want to tag with each other so who are the number one challengers? Tonight Hampton Court can decide who they want to meet Burchill and decide who the challengers are. Expect some interference from the tag champs in this match. But isn’t it time Burchill moved up the ladder a bit?

Aviv Maayan v Mark Sloan

Maayan is one of the hottest prospects in the excellent FWA Academy (look out for Max Voltage as well). He was up against Mark Sloan at New Frontiers until Corino arrived. This should be an excellent match, probably the opener. I go for a Maayan victory.

Flash Barker Retirement Ceremony

Barker is a former FWA Champion and recently announced his retirement. Tonight the fans get the chance to pay their respects to one of the hardest men in the game. Is it a work though? The Internet is buzzing with rumours, this could be an interesting part of the evening.

Guest Match
Steve Grey v Mal Sanders

Each main FWA card now has a guest match and tonight it’s a World of Sport match with two legends facing off in an FWA ring. These two have met each other more times than I’ve had hot dinners (especially now I’m on a diet!). They’ve fought over British, European and World titles for years. I last saw the pair face off at the Southampton Guildhall in a TWA event. Sanders is the out and out heel and has a terrible habit of messing about with ring pads which to be honest after the first ten times I’m finding a bit boring. Will he do so again tonight? I go for Grey to get a win over his rival.

Should be a great card. Now for an update on ‘Piledriver’, the new wrestling fanzine I’m launching in November. It’s been a hectic week and the latest news is I now have 20, yes 20 writers. That means the newsletter and fanzine is going to be really packed with articles.

One of the biggest articles confirmed this week is the Kendo Nagasaki tribute. It’s going to be over two editions and hopefully in the second edition I’ll be including an interview with someone who knows Kendo very well.

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More from the Three Count very soon. Bye till then!

Stephen Ashfield